Problems Uninstalling AOL

  ukjfanuk 13:40 03 Jun 2003

I've just upgraded to ZEN Broadband from AOL dialup and i am having big problems in trying to unistall AOL 8.0, When i try to uninstall AOL it comes up as saying "checking for other versions" and then crashes...

I have tried AOL help but they are bloody useless, i was hoping someone could help me out with my problem, i don't really want to reformat just to get rid of aol.

  Steinman 13:43 03 Jun 2003

Is AOL in add/remove programs? Try closing other applications before uninstall.
Could you manually delete AOL file?
Not a lot of help I know, but post back with your Windows version & others may know more.

  ukjfanuk 13:48 03 Jun 2003

I'm running a p4 1700 with winxp

Yes i've tried closing down everything via task manager but no difference made, i was wondering about manualy deleting and then reinstaling but not sure, AOL will not allow me to download 8.0 as i "already have most up2date version of aol"

  Philip2 13:51 03 Jun 2003

You should be able to uninstall AOL when you go to add and remove it will then give you the choice of removing any version after rebooting go to search and type AOL and delete the files that come up if this doesn't work you might have to install AOL again and start afresh.

  ukjfanuk 14:15 03 Jun 2003

That's the problem, it doesn't get as far as giving me the choice of removing any version, it crashes while it's searching, i've just reinstalled aol but it has made no difference.

  Andsome 15:57 03 Jun 2003

My son, before he passed his old computer on to me several years ago had a similar problem. It needed a complete reinstall of Windows for me to get online. When I had some internet lessons, the first thing that happened was that we were handed a leaflet titled, 'AOL the upgrade of death'. I have no doubt that you will see other postings to this thread from happy AOL users, but they do seem to cause more bother than any other ISP. A radio phone in programme a few years ago concerning problems with AOL was inundated with dissatisfied customers. Draw your own conclusions, personally i would not touch AOL with a barge pole.

  Philip2 16:02 03 Jun 2003

If you can't remove AOL even using search it looks like you will have to reformat and reinstall your OS a pain,this will free you of AOL but you must have removed something to cause this problem as i have installed and removed AOL software with no problems in the past.

  HighTower 16:56 03 Jun 2003

It means spending a bit of cash but perhaps Norton Cleansweep could help. It's quite good at removing difficult to uninstall programs, but as AOL adds its own networking protocols it may be more difficult.

  mole44 17:11 03 Jun 2003

ring 0800 376 542 221,i think thats the number to remove aol from your puter

  BillEmm 17:22 03 Jun 2003

ukjfanuk, if I read you correctly; you installed ZEN before uninstalling AOL. If true then this is your mistake!

You will need to remove all references to your new BB ISP and the ADSL modem before trying to get rid of AOL.

I'm not sure what 'damage' has already been done but it may be that a full restore is the only answer. Either that or leave AOL where it is and wait for the AOL 8 CD to drop through your letterbox (they are due out shortly) when you can retry the process.

Another thought for the day.

  Djohn 17:39 03 Jun 2003

Try downloading AOL 8 beta. I realise you are on release version of 8, but it as been recalled for a final BETA test.

Got to "keyword" beta8 and download, this will give you a clean install from which you should be able to remove your present version of 8 then you can remove the full version of the Beta program.

This should work for you, I have both on my sys. at the moment and during the testing of version 8, I have d/loaded and removed 5 or 6 versions from control panel with no problems.

Hope it works for you, good luck.

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