Problems turning pc on

  triflesterms 10:32 11 Oct 2005

Hi Ive just fitted a new mother board to my pc, evreything seems to be working ok, but whenever i turn my pc on it doesnt come on straight away, i have to unplug my pc from mains, turn on the power button, then re plug into the mains before it starts up.
Im getting a message at the start saying cmos battery is low, is this anything to do with power problem.
Also everytime i set the date & time in setup it keeps resetting itself.
Hope someone can help.

  bremner 10:37 11 Oct 2005

This is probably two things.

Re the pwer problem - Have you got the connections from the power switch to the motherboard on the correct pins.

The cmos battery being low is why you lose the date and time settings.

  Methedrine 10:38 11 Oct 2005

You will have to replace the CMOS battery. They can be picked up quite cheaply.

click here

  DieSse 11:08 11 Oct 2005

Look at the motherboard manual, and check that the *CMOS Clear* jumper is in the correct position. Sometimes they are shipped in the *Clear* position, instead of in the *Run* position.

  harps1h 11:10 11 Oct 2005

is the psu powerful enough?

  triflesterms 10:56 13 Oct 2005

I will try to get a new cmos battery, im not sure if the power switch is connected to the correct pins, this was the first time ive installed a motherboard, when i was installing i kept swapping them around till i got it to boot, any suggestions on the order of plugs to pins?
I dont have a motherboard manual as i got it second hand, is there anyway to find out what my motherboard is?
My psu is 350watts, is that ok?


  woodchip 14:20 13 Oct 2005

It's not the Battery it's the Clear CMOS jumper that not on the correct pins

  woodchip 14:21 13 Oct 2005

And if it still does it the BIOS chip is faulty

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:46 13 Oct 2005

First of all identify the motherboard click here

then you can download a manual for it.

  triflesterms 09:12 18 Oct 2005

Ok thanks, i will try to swap the jumpers around & see what happens,though im not sure what order they go.
I cant download ct bios as im not online at the moment, i can only use library computers for the meanwhile & it wont let me go to wims bios page to identify the bios numbers :(
Is there any other website i can try?


  wee eddie 09:48 18 Oct 2005

"I don't have a motherboard manual as i got it second hand, is there anyway to find out what my motherboard is?"

There will be assorted bits of text on your MoBo, Copy these down "Exactly" and spend a while putting them into Google.

At some point you should strike gold.

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