problems transferring isp's-using btvoyager2091

  lyanne 01:51 06 Dec 2006

have recently moved from bt broadband - to pipex. however have run into problems with my bt voyager 2091 wireless router.
it says that it can only be used with bt servic...hav contacted pipx & bt for assistanc to no avail and am stressin cos only hav one phone line etc... and just bought kids p.c for upstairs which i was hoping to connect to as well.. can anyone help?
by way am total novice so excuse my non it knowledge and jargon etc..

  Graham. 09:10 06 Dec 2006

click here? It doesn't look easy!

  mgmcc 13:35 06 Dec 2006

It is my understanding that the Voyager 2091 is only supplied as part of a BT broadband package and it is *LOCKED* to their service. It requires a genuine BT Username and cannot therefore be set up with a different ADSL provider.

The Voyager 2100 is the retail version of the product which can be used with any provider.

  rodriguez 14:10 06 Dec 2006

Has the Pipex service been activated yet? If it has, your BT router will need to be unlocked to make it accept any ISP. I have a BT Voyager 200 which I've just managed to connect to Sky Broadband (didn't like the Sky router, it kept cutting the connection out), but I don't think my router was locked as it's old.

Anyway, you will need to upgrade the firmware on the router to make it think it's a retail one (not a BT one) and it should then connect to any ISP. click here for the Firmware file and unzip it. When it's unzipped, you'll get 3 files - one with .nfo on the end, one with .md5 on the end and one with no extension. Ignore the 2 with extensions, you only need the one without.

click here to open up your router's config page. In the menu, select Advanced (username and password should both be admin), then select Upgrade. Select from PC to router at the top of the page then browse to where you unzipped the firmware file and select Upgrade. Now leave it to it and don't power the router off or anything. It should take about 5 mins and all the lights on the router should be green. When it's finished, ensure the VPI/VCI setting are set to 0/38 and click here again. It should now say Ready to connect to ADSL, so put in your Pipex login details and it should connect. Remember that you should upgrade the firmware at your own risk, as with any other equipment.

  Border View 14:17 06 Dec 2006

Router problems aside, I believe you may find that you have gone from the frying pan to the fire by changing to this particular ISP. My very best wishes and good luck.

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