Problems with Tiscali Email

  spuds 17:04 30 Dec 2006

Do you use Tiscali, if so,are you having problems with their email service.

About 3/4 weeks ago, Tiscali posted a engineers report that they were having problems with some email deliveries in certain areas. I was one of the people who was having problems, at that time. Tiscali 'resolved' the problems over a 24 hour period, but since then I have had the following problem: Go into my email account, and receive email. Select emails to read and others to delete. Apply delete (ticked boxes) and screen transfers to blank grey. Can then wait anything upto 2/4 minutes for remaining (unticked) email to return to screen, as it appears that all action as frozen in this time.

Have you had any similar problems, if so, how have you resolved it.Can it be resolved, as it would appear to be a Tiscali webmail server problem.

Contacted Tiscali, and received a 'support' email, which hasn't answered any of the questions raised, and as such proved a total waste of time.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:39 30 Dec 2006

No problems here.


  pcbobby 18:30 30 Dec 2006

Working Ok here

  Totally-braindead 18:35 30 Dec 2006

Mines been perfect as well spuds. Do you know what area was meant to be effected as I'm in Scotland?

Their appeals to my emails last year when I had an internet problem were nothing short of pathetic. I asked a question and they replied about something completly different from what I asked. In the end I gave up and sorted it myself.
To be honest the connection has been perfect but if I had to deal with their customer services again I would seriously consider moving providers.

  Jimmy14 18:40 30 Dec 2006

working fine apart from the crap speeds on Tiscali Max, still ongoing.

  spuds 18:56 30 Dec 2006

Looks like I will have to sit on this one for a while. Seems a bit funny that the engineers report mentioned certain areas (mainly Midlands), and another blip (for me at least) as appeared in the system since the report.

The Tiscali 'support' email regarding the problem was totally irrelevant as to the questions that I asked. Might drop them another line and point this out out to them.

  Totally-braindead 20:01 30 Dec 2006

I wish you better luck than I had spuds. As I said I had the same problem as you, the reply had nothing to with what I asked. To be honest I kind of lost my rag at them after the first 5 or 6 emails and asked then if they could please read what I was asking and not send me irrelevant replies. Guess what? They sent another irrelevant reply. So I tried the actual support telephone number and had the same problem. The seemed to be incapable of answering a simple question and always went off on a tangent. In my opinion they are completely useless for this.

Good luck anyway, I think you'll need it.

  MIKMAL 21:51 30 Dec 2006

Three Points:
1)am having the same problem myself deleting emails(I live in Kent)
2)I often find emails are deleted from their servers without my knowledge-luckily I also use Outlook Express
3)Tiscali support is rubbish and always has been.

  anchor 14:57 31 Dec 2006

No problems here in NW London. I have one their old LineOne addresses, (now Tiscali).

There was a few hours delay in receiving messages about 10 days ago; none were lost as far as I know. All fine since then.

  spuds 16:03 31 Dec 2006

Everything appears to be back to normal, in fact things seem a little more speedier. Not sure whether Tiscali did have a problem, if so, they must have sorted it out!.

anchor-- Tiscali did have a problem, here's their comment:

Tiscali witnessed a sudden increase in spamming activity, which had affected email performance. Some of the emails were delayed by a few hours. However, none of the mails were lost and all of them were eventually delivered.

We are treating the matter very seriously and have put measures in place to prevent spammers registering for and using our email service. Please note that we have completed the installation of additional hardware to increase our mail handling capabilities to ensure that the impact on customers is minimised while we address the root cause.(end of quote).

  aine 20:55 31 Dec 2006

I have the same problems with tiscali, emails deleting on their own or by tiscali, grey pages which has problem reloading, outlook blocked by tiscali [ say that they dont] must be a pc fault, brand new pc they are rubbish

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