Problems switching between Gmail accounts

  six-h 16:38 20 Sep 2007

If it's not one thing, it's another!
Previously, I could sign out from one account, and on the login page, just click the "Username" field, and select the other account from the dropdown list, it would then automatically fill the "Password" field, and all I had to do was click "Log In".
Now nothing is automatic, I have to fill out the fields each time.
Anyone know the answer??

  six-h 20:06 20 Sep 2007

answer to this!
cmon guys, it's really simple ;)

  six-h 22:40 20 Sep 2007

to this one!!

  woodchip 23:06 20 Sep 2007

TT are linked up to AOL and they are forever fiddling with updates to there software. I use Aim web mail, and had the same kind of problems. Although I have not started dishing out my talktalk mail address yet

  birdface 23:08 20 Sep 2007

Are you using Internet Explorer or Firefox.

  six-h 23:14 20 Sep 2007

Never thought of that, you mean they may have withdrawn or altered the facility?
I'm thinking that it has something to do with my big spyware sweep, and clear out of temp files with ATF Cleaner.

I'm using IE7, though I've been advised to change to Firefox, by the Malware guys.
Just can't face the learning curve at the moment!

  birdface 23:23 20 Sep 2007

Try some of the things on here

  birdface 23:27 20 Sep 2007

You don't have IE7 Pro the Add and Flash Filter downloaded do you.

  six-h 23:50 20 Sep 2007

You angling for another kiss..:)

Just googled IE Pro, No,I havn't.
I don't think I would understand it/ be able to make use of it.
I've tried to contact "The Gmail Team" as they call themselves, but they are curiously difficult to get hold of.
Their Emails are "NoReply" ones, and all the "Contact us" links lead anywhere but to an address, so I filled in one of their "suggestions" forms, in the hope that it might get seen and replied to, some chance!

  birdface 00:08 21 Sep 2007

Sorry I got totally confused and never read your thread correctly,I thought it was a follow up to the one earlier .My appologies.

  six-h 00:42 21 Sep 2007

That's OK, It's late, I think I'll get some rest
G'nite all!

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