Problems starting up my PC

  Robbie_G 14:27 07 Oct 2009

Rightly or wrongly I have Norton 360 as my PC security. I’m a bit of a computer novice and have basically left it to its own devices with regards to settings, scans etc. without too much trouble.

Recently I have noticed it takes much longer to start up my PC and sometimes grinds to a halt when simply trying to open the start menu or selecting an item on my desktop, I’ve ran disc fragmenter / clean up and it seemed to have helped but a week later I am having the same problems.

My main concern is that I have a virus that Norton is not picking up in its scans, is it possible to use other spyware software to check while still running Norton? Should I have other programs installed that I have seen suggested on this forum such as Winpatrol, spybot and CCcleaner?

Thanks in advance if anyone’s able to help


  peter99co 15:00 07 Oct 2009

Wait until you have started up and the disc drive light has slowed down or stopped Then run a Norton scan. Put the kettle on and have a brew and wait for Norton to complete.

You MUST NOT install more than one ANTI VIRUS program.

Ccleaner is quite safe and many forum members run it.(it is not a virus or spam/adware tool)

Spybot will slow your machine, but this is up to you.

Wait for advice re Norton from others. I do not use it.

  wee eddie 16:12 07 Oct 2009

If it is being regularly Updated and a full Scan is run weekly (Daily, if you visit sites that you would not care to mention in public), if is most unlikely that it has missed anything.

If you use CCleaner to clear the Internet crud off your Disk > Defrag > use CCleaner to clear crud from the Registry ~ always use its "Back-up" Function after clearing the Registry because, if anything important has been removed you will have to open the PC in "Safe Mode" and restore that Back-up. However CCleaner is very conservative and that scenario is unlikely > Close down the PC.

Reboot the PC and Defrag again ~ It should only take a couple of minutes.

I use the above routine about once a month.

Remember that you will have to re-enter all your Internet Passwords after clearing the crud..

  wee eddie 16:30 07 Oct 2009

you can use CCleaner's Start Menu Cleaner and reduce the number of Programs that open at Start-up.

"Disable" a couple and see how things go over a few sessions. If all is OK, Delete them and Disable a couple more, and so on.

Don't do a lot at once because if there is a problem you won't know which one might have caused it.

Your AntiVirus and Firewall must be allowed to Open at Start-up.

  Robbie_G 08:56 08 Oct 2009

Thank you for your replies.

It seems to be running fine now, Norton didn’t pick anything up but after using the Ccleaner it did appear that i had a lot of programs opening at start up that I didn’t know about, I’ve disabled a few a with no problems so I’ll try some more and keep tabs on that.

Thanks again its much appreciated


  wee eddie 09:37 08 Oct 2009

and the moment you open them, put themselves back on the Start-up Menu. This slows everything down, which is why you need to prune it now and again.

They're not really a problem, but by being open not only is the start-up slowed but, even though you're not using them, they're hogging RAM as well.

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