Problems with sound card line input

  Woodentop19 19:52 21 Feb 2004

I am using an MSI 848P motherboard with the on-board sound disabled. I started with a Creative Sound 5.1 Digital soundcard and later changed to an older Creative PCI1512. I have the same problem with both.
I am trying to transfer LPs to CD using minidisc as a transfer medium through Steinberg Clean V4, When I feed sound in from the MD via the line port it comes out of the PC speakers OK and and all controls work as they should. However it does not get into the software. If I run Cool Edit V2 with no input the level displays are bouncing around the -56 level coincident with some low-level (random)'rumbling' noise from the speakers. Feed sound in and it comes out of the speakers but the display doesn't change.
It did work when I first tried the configuration, but the second time and since it does not.
I am running XP Pro with P4 2.4GHz and 512Mb RAM. Any ideas gratefully received - Creative support were useless.

  toxin 20:08 21 Feb 2004

Hi Woodentop!

Goto Control panel>Sound & audio devices>click>audio tab>in"sound recording" click Volume and make sure that "Line In" is selected.

This should send the audio signal into your sound recorder, Toxin.

  Woodentop19 15:36 22 Feb 2004

Many thanks for the reply. I should have said that all settings are correct - inputs, outputs, mixing, what have you. Indeed as I did say, the first two discs I did worked perfectly, third and subsequent times failed.
Curiously if it helps, the first time I ran Clean the audio level was a bit low: I closed Clean and opened Cool Edit and the level came up - about 20dB peaking at about -10. When I went back to Clean the level stayed elevated.
What I don't understand is (a) how the sound gets in and out to the speakers and all level controls work but it doesn't hit the software and (b) how I can see and hear this low-level rumbling both without and underneath music and this rumbling <does> get through to the software.

  SEASHANTY 20:25 22 Feb 2004

Check the cable and the phono plugs you are using from the minidisc player to the PC line in soundcard. Preferably by substitution with a known good lead.

  Woodentop19 06:53 23 Feb 2004

Seashanty - please read my original script. The sound must be reaching the sound card - else how does it come out of the speakers?

  stlucia 08:48 23 Feb 2004

Low level rumbling, and the fact that you're getting rumbling and a -56dB reading "with no input", is normally symptomatic of a broken audio or earth lead somewhere. Do you have a -56dB reading when you're just playing through the speakers, without Cool Edit running?

  SEASHANTY 15:13 23 Feb 2004

Stlucia has indicated more clearly what I was getting at when I asked you to try a new audio cable.

  Woodentop19 18:12 23 Feb 2004

I can only see the -56 level indication with Cool Edit running, but yes the 'rumbling' is there at all times, irrespective of the software in use (or not) at the time. But there again I don't need any software running to get sound from the speakers - anything fed into the line input comes straight out on the speakers with audio levels controlled by the usual Windows sliders. Anything generated from software - from wav/mid etc files also works correctly. Also bear in mind that I get exactly the same symptoms with two different sound cards. The only thing I have not dome is to try the sound card in a different slot - task for this evening perhaps?

  Pidder 18:28 23 Feb 2004

I see you have Clean. I also use this prog, but Wavelab Lite which came bundled with it, seems to be an easier way to record onto the HDD. Have you tried it?

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