Problems With Sound

  gcs_uk 10:19 26 May 2003

I have intergrated sound on my motherboard provided by them SigmaTel STAC9721 Codec however on several games the sound is jerky, by that I mean it keeps cutting in and out.

I visited the Sigma website but they say that due to licensing laws they do not provide updates.

I contacted Packard Bell and they were unhelpful, their site has nothing on it connected to my sound. The email I received from them just said I should contact Sigma.

But thinking about it now as my sound is integrated on the motherboard (which is a PB Challenger board) should I be looking to see if there is an upgrade to the BIOS. I suspect that as usual I might be wrong in thinking this but I am sure that someone here might be able to assist me.


  Ironman556 00:03 27 May 2003

I think the Sound and BIOS are completely separate, I don't see how one could affect the other.

Somtimes if you're pusing the CPU while playing a game, sound can become choppy because the PC's not got enough processing power to deal with that and the graphics at once. You could try lowering graphics and sound details to see if it makes a difference.

  Tog 07:31 27 May 2003

It's the motherboard drivers that you want to update. Onboard sound is never very good, a dedicated soundcard will always do a better job.

  ^wave^ 09:59 27 May 2003

yes sound card is better but what game and what procesor do you have cpu intensive games can cause sound probs

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