Problems with Sony Viao TFT Monitor

  Mollo 21:09 13 Apr 2003

When I start up the screen displays multi coloured vertical stripes and nothing else.I have checked the connections and no joy. Sometimes it starts O.K but after ten minutes or so the stripes appear and thats it!

  Joe McG 21:31 13 Apr 2003

Are the screen size and refresh rate, set to the default for the monitor?.

  Mollo 13:34 15 Apr 2003

Thanks to Joe McG for quick response.
However still no joy. After start, up no matter what is on the screen, the monitor only stays with it for a few seconds before fading to multi coloured stripes then to blank screen. Strange things showing in those few seconds (dialogue boxes indicating applications open and they are not) then fade out occurs too quick to do anything to correct it. Could it be a faulty graphics card?

  stlucia 13:38 15 Apr 2003

Sounds like a faulty screen. My Sony TFT screen did what appears to be exactly the same thing. It was in warranty, so they took it back and fixed it. I don't know what the problem was, except that it was definately the screen and nothing to do with the PC itself.

Have you tried plugging another monitor in to verify that graphics card etc. are working okay?

  Mollo 11:23 27 Apr 2003

stlucia, thanks for your reply.
On the basis of simple actions first our first action was to take the base unit to a local "micro clinic". They ran a check on it and said it was " charge" which in these days is amazing.
Next we took your advice and substituted the monitor and eureka! we are up and running. The Sony Viao monitor has been put in for repair assessment. If it can be repaired I'll try and find out what went wrong and post it for reference. Makes you wonder what the "fail rate" is on Sony Viao flat screen doesn't it.
Thanks again.

  stlucia 08:58 08 May 2003

For what it's worth, when my screen was taken away they said it would probably have to go to Belgium (I think it was) and would take "several weeks". But they found they could fix it at their local facility, and it was back in 3 days. So it must have been something simple -- a known fault perhaps, with spare parts to hand?

  Mollo 20:07 03 Jun 2003

Hi Guys!
Thanks again to stlucia. The problem has now been solved. Repairman diagnosed a "dry" solder joint on the card for the power supply and corrected the problem and it's up and running - Cost £35! time three days. Maybe some techies will confirm this can happen so we can all be aware of similar problems.

  Mollo 10:51 26 Aug 2004

Thank you all for your assistance,

The repair didn't hold for long so we purchased a new monitor (not Sony)it's working great.


  Stuartli 11:07 26 Aug 2004

The charge of £35 was very reasonable as the source of the problem would have had to be ascertained first - the three day period for repair might be due to the monitor being left on a soak test initially to replicate the fault.

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