Problems with Sony USB driver for W98

  nick1256 09:05 08 Jan 2005

I'm having problems loading the supplied driver softwear for a Sony microvault flash memory stick so that it will work with W98.
Having followed the loading instructions,when prompted to search the cd-rom drive for the driver it comes back with 'no driver found'even though the disk is in the cd-rom drive.

Any sugestions for a pc novice?

  Diemmess 09:39 08 Jan 2005

When prompted to search for the driver on the CD there may be a Browse button. Click on it and search for the drivers folder.

When you hit the right one the OK button will suddenly offer itself, and the rest follows.

  jack 10:07 08 Jan 2005

If this is Win 98 then this could be the problem.
Win 98SE will - just about - recognise the new flash drives - Win 98 will not.

Perhaps there is by now a work aroud , but recent posts ,sugest not.

  nick1256 20:31 10 Jan 2005

This flash memory comes with the driver softwear so that it will specificly run on W98 with USB 1.1
and thats where the problem is trying to laod the driver

  Diemmess 09:55 11 Jan 2005

Try it this way then......with the stick removed.

First see if you can find any trace of the driver having been installed, and remove it.

Next, pop the CD into its slot. If it doesn't start automatically, use the Start button and "Run" (browse for the CD and look for Setup, or Driver, or Sony Microvault)

Hopefully this will install the reluctant driver.... Now re-boot and after Windows has loaded, plug the Memory stick in. With luck Windows will proudly announce "Found new hardware" and finish installing your new pen drive

This worked a couple of years back when I first tried an external HD to Win98SE, advice from the supplier was - CD first and then the USB connection

  nick1256 18:22 11 Jan 2005

Thanks Diemmess,
Problem now solved. Not quite sure how I did it but your suggestion sounds similar to what I did.
Once the 'found new hardwear' prompt appeard the driver finaly installed itself.
Time for an update from W98 me thinks!

  Diemmess 18:38 11 Jan 2005

Well done! It seems back to front to those who are used to plugging something in and then expect to be asked for the driver.

Aol's USB modem installation instructions though are quite specific - the driver first and only mke the USB connection after the drivers are installed!

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