Problems sharing network printer

  Dazza40 21:52 19 Oct 2006

I have a desktop and laptop set up sharing wireless broadband on XP successfully.
I tried to set up network but after following the wizards I cannot see shared files on laptop or share the printer. The host is the desktop.

When I try to add a netwrk printer on laptop and browse for printer there is nothing showing under desktop.

Printer is set to be shared and software on both machines. Attem[pted iwth forewall off as well. Any ideas would be welcome.


  Strawballs 00:21 20 Oct 2006

Go to start printers and faxes then right click on the icon for the printer that you want to share and click sharing and check it is set up for sharing and if it is try turning off firewall and if third party one check windows firewall after that because it has a habbit of switching on after a third paty one has been switched off, if this works you will have to turn it back on and configure it to allow traffic for your network.

  BigMoFoT 11:51 20 Oct 2006

That both systems are in the same workgroup. Go into system properties and under computer name set the workgroup. Also make sure there is no firewall or AV software that could be preventing network traffic.

Don't forget to share the printer as strawballs (lol) advises.

  Strawballs 09:49 21 Oct 2006

It is a play on my last name if it causes amusement then job done.

  Dazza40 20:37 22 Oct 2006

Thanks both,
Tried what you suggested without success. PC or laptop see each other. Settings are the same for both. Windows firewall is set to allow file/printer sharing so this seems OK.

I'm thinking is maybe the wireless network set up not working corectly. Is it worth running this again?

  Strawballs 22:13 22 Oct 2006

Try turning off windows firewall just to make sure.

  Dazza40 22:56 22 Oct 2006

Thanks Strawballs but no luck

  mgmcc 08:54 23 Oct 2006

<<< I'm thinking is maybe the wireless network set up not working corectly. Is it worth running this again? >>>

If both computers have internet access wirelessly via the router, then there is nothing wrong with the setup of the wireless network.

Have you actually set at least one folder in each computer as "shared" by right clicking and selecting the Sharing & Security option? If so, what happens if you enter the path to a shared folder in the remote computer directly into the address bar in "My Network places"? For example:


1) Connect the printer to the "client" PC, as though it were to be used with that computer, and install it. This ensures that it has all the necessary software/drivers on board.

2) Reconnect it to the "host" PC and, in its Properties, set it as "shared". In the client's "My Network Places" (or Network Neighborhood), the printer should then appear as a shared resource of the "host" PC along with any shared folders. Double clicking the printer in the remote PC should automatically install it as a "network printer" in the "client". This means that the "client" now has the same printer installed twice - once as a "local" printer and again as a "network" printer (with a bar under the icon to indicate a network device). If you are always going to print via the network, you may want to set the "network printer" as the default.

Otherwise, have a look at this Microsoft article. It is an old article written for Windows 95, but the basic principle for installing the network printer should still be valid.

click here

Also - "How to Use Windows XP to Share a Printer with Others on Your Network"

click here

  Dazza40 22:59 23 Oct 2006

Thanks. I think I can see the problem. But don't know how to solve it. It appears that the desktop does not hold on to the Network set up even when I logged in under safe mode and set up the network, after rebooting it does not appear to be there. I say this cos when I check the workgroup name I am unable to change it as it says I need to set up a network first.
When I right click the shared folder I do not get the option to share the folder.

Windows firewall shows allow file and printer sharing.

Any ideas?

  mgmcc 23:52 23 Oct 2006

In the Properties of the Desktop's network adapter that connects to the laptop, do you have both of these installed and enabled?

1) Client for Microsoft Networks
2) File & Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks

  Dazza40 19:32 24 Oct 2006

Yes they are both there. I assume when you ask are they enabled. Do you mean there is a tick next to them? If so yes they are both ticked.

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