Problems Setting up a Simple Wireless Connection

  axelbrora 21:56 28 Sep 2006

Hi I am having problems setting up a simple wireless connection for a single computer and a step by step guide from the current position would be much appreciated.

Current status:

Netgear WG834G router with an ethernet connection, connected through AOL and working fine.

Netgear WG111T USB adaptor, software installed sucessfully.

OP = Windows XP SP2 on 6 month old PC.


My friend wants to set up a wireless connection and move the router to a different room from the computer to get rid of the telephone extension cable trailing through her hall.

I tried the WG111T software wizard which installed the adaptor software but did not set up the wireless net work. After rebooting the next screen in the sequence did not appear. When double clicking on the WG111T shortcut icon, now on the desktop, the dialogue box flashes on the screen and then disappears.

I then tried going back to the AOL/Router software to set up the wireless link and that did not work.

I then tried the XP wireless set up wizard and got nowhere, too many choices and far too complicated. I appear to have created a wireless network, as it has a name, but I do not know where to find it, modify it, or how to connect anything.



  woodchip 22:58 28 Sep 2006

You should be able to access the Router setup page through a Browser like IE, you need to get settings like SSID and paswords etc so you can put these into the Laptop or Wireless software, there should be a Wireless Connection ICON in the System tray double click to load settings.The Wireless Computer Settings have to Match Router settins for it to work.

  axelbrora 23:20 28 Sep 2006

Thanks for that, however I am a ludite and require step by step instructions!


  Ashrich 23:43 28 Sep 2006

Open your internet browser and in the URL box at the top , type .. and hit enter , this will take you to the router login , unless you have changed anything type admin for login and admin for the password . Have a look about for the default SSID ( will probably be " Netgear " and change it to something more suitable , even if it is only the users surname ! Have a look in the wireless section for encryption ( WEP , WPA , WPA PSK , WPA2 etc.) and get yourself a good key to enter click here for a good random key generator . Cut and paste the generated key into your router and save a copy so you can enter it into the other computer when requested . When connecting wirelessly to the router it will ask for the security key , if you have entered the correct key they then should connect together . Don't bother trying to hide the SSID from the router , as long as you have a strong WPA key everything will be Ok .

  axelbrora 14:21 29 Sep 2006

Thanks for that.

Should I enable the wireless settings on the router and enter the SSID and encryption key while it is still connected to the computer with the ethernet cable then disconnect the cable?

I aready have a SSID wireless network that I attempted to set up. How do I get rid of that.


  Ashrich 23:05 29 Sep 2006

Yes , set up with the cable , then you can disconnect , taking careful note of your security key , enable the wireless card in your PC , do a scan with either the provided software or Windows Zero , whichever you are using , then , when it finds your new network SSID , double click on it and it will ask you to enter the security key , enter the key , and click on connect and that should do it . Your previous SSID setup can then be deleted .


  axelbrora 23:41 29 Sep 2006


Thanks for that. All working fine now!

How do you delete the previous SSID setup?


  Strawballs 23:55 29 Sep 2006

Uninstall Netgear software and let windows manage the wireless. Had a similar problem with a neigbough's machine I uninstall all the software and reinstalled just the drivers and let windows take over managing the wireless and it worked fine.

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