problems setting up laptop

  bigboab y 17:32 07 Mar 2005

I have just acquired an HP omnibook 6000 laptop.I am trying to install Windows 98se using my original startup floppy disk.I have fdisked and formatted the hard drive.When I boot up to the floppy,on its way to the A: prompt, it points out there is no cd rom drive. Its one of those with swoppable floppy/cd caddy thing.If I swop the floppy for the cd drive (with the W98 cd in it) ,it says invalid disk. On a desktop I would just type "setup" and it would setup from the cd.When I type setup on this it doesnt recognize the drive. Does the swoppable drive on these things keep the same drive letter i.e "A" ?
Driving me loopy .. any suggestions greatly appreciated.

  Jeffers22 17:37 07 Mar 2005

They are not usually hot swappable. In which case you will need to do it in two stages.

1. Use FDD (A:) and format Hard Drive (C:) - Turn off.

2. Connect CDROM (probably D:) and turn on. Enter BIOS to select boot from CDROM. Save and exit. When laptop boots from CDROM it should take you straight into a menu from where you can install.

Don't forget to reset BIOS to boot from Hard DIsk once 98 is installed enough to boot from C:

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:48 07 Mar 2005

Dd you not get a cable with the floppy allows you to plug floppy into parallel port and leave CD in caddy.

ESc during Boot allows you to change boot order

  bigboab y 19:31 07 Mar 2005

Good stuff guys/gals but bliddy thing is now shutting down after about 10 seconds either on mains or battery... taking it back to vendor..I'll re-open this when i get it back Cheers all

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