Problems setting up Ethernet Home Network

  mthestrong 23:03 14 Nov 2004

I need help to install a 2 pc Ethernet home network. I have one pc with XP SP2 and the other with ME. I am using a Belkin 4 port hub. Cannot configure the XP PC. Have used the Home net work Install wizard to no avail.. A Friend says that you cannot have a network with XP and ME, something to do with different Hard Disk formats. Is this correct/ Any help in resolving problem greatly appreciated

  woodt 23:08 14 Nov 2004

XP and ME ok together but maked it slightly more complicated. Work your way through this thread
click here

  Lady Lara 23:10 14 Nov 2004

My son has Win ME and I use XP Pro. His is fine. Is your 'Belkin' a router modem and if so can the second pc connect to net? Are problems with printer and file sharing? Please elaborate

  mthestrong 23:27 14 Nov 2004

I have a belkin switch, not a router. My problem is setting up the network. The switch shows the cable connection as ok. However I cannott get the computers to talk to each other. I have set the file sharing on each. I have run the network set up on both. The ME computer, the client can see the host, but cannot access it. The host does not see the client.

  mthestrong 23:31 14 Nov 2004

Just to complicate matters further. I have BT Home Highway - ISDN. I use ISDN to connect to the internet. TheDigital access is via a USB cable to the Control Box

  mthestrong 23:33 14 Nov 2004

Thanks for the reply. There is a lot to take in. Will get back to you later.

  Lady Lara 23:48 14 Nov 2004

When i tried at first from the XP machine to the ME one with the 'wizard' I had trouble. I then tried the other way and all is ok now.

are you getting messages like access denied etc etc?

  Lady Lara 23:50 14 Nov 2004
  igr 00:12 15 Nov 2004

Do you have a firewall operational?

  Gary7 00:34 15 Nov 2004

XP installs with a firewall as default. I would suggest you get rid of ME, as even M$ has stopped supporting it. Then one XP machine will easily talk to another XP/2000/98 etc machine. Easy to setup in XP. ME was a dead dog from starters.

  Gary7 00:43 15 Nov 2004

P.S. You should not connect a hub directly to a ADSL/Cable Modem. You need a router between the modem and the 'inside' world - then you can add the hub to a port on the router, to extend the number of ports only. The router is resposible for handling all internal/external in/out traffic via the modem. A hub is just a distributer of traffic with no inteligence. You can pick up a reasonable router for around £18-25 these days.

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