problems setting up B/band connection

  palinka 18:17 01 Sep 2004

I signed up for Pipex B/band. Received notification that activation would be on 26th aug and since then have tried to install Speed Touch 330 modem supplied by Pipex. Cannot achieve 2 steady green lights. During boot-up they are both steady, but after icons load on desktop and start bar begins to load the ADSL light starts to flash and continues that way no matter how long I wait. I've run DrSpeedTouch and that indicates a fault with the ISP - presumably Pipex(tho I've stil got a Freeserve account). I've uninstalled and reinstalled from scratch twice, but with the same result each time. I have a filter on each of my tel extensions and all is working fine, except B/band. Advice, please.

  Old Shep 22:47 01 Sep 2004

Don't live in Devon do you. I was enabled on the same day as you - recieved my modem from Pipex on the 28th, the day after they took £23 from my bank account. Duly installed my modem as per the idiots guide but could not connect. Bank holiday weekend so I rang them on Tuesday to be told to uninstall my modem change the filters around and it would be guaranteed to work. Done that still the same. Rang them again to be told that BT were split testing the line so I would not be able to connect. Late Tuesday it began working as it has ever since. Sorry can't help anymore I am as new to this as you are. By the way I still have a Freeserve account also. If you can afford the phone bill and the 15 minute wait for a reply ring Pipex help the phone number is on the paperwork that came with the idiots guide.

  Strawballs 23:16 01 Sep 2004

You said you still have a freeserve account, is it still on your machine. I only ask as I have NTL B/B when I first started I could not get it to work untill I did a clean install and got rid of all traces of F/S.

  Old Shep 23:21 01 Sep 2004

Yes it's still on my computer and I am still able to access my freeserve e.mail account through Outlook - no problems through Pipex broadband.

  Strawballs 23:27 01 Sep 2004

What I was trying to say was that my B/B would not connect untill I removed all traces of F/S

  Old Shep 23:33 01 Sep 2004

Yes I gathered that but I still have Freeserve on my computer, have cancelled my account with them, but can still connect with Pipex broadband no problems. Regards.

  Strawballs 23:41 01 Sep 2004

Sorry missunderstood you I thoght you ment that you could not connect, my appoligies

  palinka 18:58 02 Sep 2004

Thanks, Old Shep. No not Devon; I'm in Cumbria. I've been out all day so couldn't reply sooner, but another membr of my family reprted that in the middle of this afternoon ther were 2 steady green lights. But by the time I came home it's back to as it was yesterday. I'll try your suggestion about switching the filters round and see if that helps.
Strawballs, yes Freeserve is on the same computer, but switched off at the moment. I also have Freeserve on my laptop (XP)which is how I'm sending this. If switching the filters round doesn't do the trick I'll try deleting F'serve from the machine with B/band and see if that makes a difference for me, as it obviously did for you. Failing all that I'll contact PIpex.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:13 02 Sep 2004

The ADSL lamp flashing means that the line has not been activated by BT.

This usually takes 10 days after notification by the ISP may be longer due to the bank holiday.

I ocassionally lose the BB connection and light flashes if BT have a problem with the line or exchange.

I afraid your just going to have to wait a little longer.

  ensonricky 19:20 02 Sep 2004

It sounds like the problem may be more related to your account/line not being activated yet rather than a modem/filter problem.

  palinka 16:56 03 Sep 2004

Thanks, Fruit Bat /\0/\ & ensonricky, if only Pipex explained it as clearly. You've saved me an evening of crawling around the floor switching filters. I'll just have to be patient.

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