problems sending a reply to talk talk email

  jolorna 21:00 08 Dec 2007

received a email enquiry from a advert i have from someone using talk talk to my hotmail email used reply to answer the person and received, (The reason for the problem:5.1.0 - Unknown address error 550-'Unknown user')
what is causing this

  SANTOS7 21:17 08 Dec 2007

The error message is generated when the recipient, either does not exist or has changed his/her address

or the address has been mispelt...

  jolorna 21:25 08 Dec 2007

thanks for your reply, the email only came thursday and i clicked reply to send a answer back, the email address is like a phonenumber will this be correct, or is it just a spam mail

  SANTOS7 21:32 08 Dec 2007

I would treat it as spam and delete it, if you get any others i would do the same to them... is actually a webmail client and somethnig you don't probably need anyway..

  Sea Urchin 21:36 08 Dec 2007

The sender of the TalkTalk email is using the wrong email address - the phone number format you describe is part of their log on mechanism, and they will have a different email address. It does confuse quite a few people who sign up to TalkTalk.

  jolorna 21:37 08 Dec 2007

thanks for your reply i have just had another look at the email and i have just noticed there is a cc to another talk talk email address

  jolorna 21:39 08 Dec 2007

i was typing a reply to SANTOS7 so didn't see yours so maybe the cc one is the real one

  SANTOS7 21:44 08 Dec 2007

cc in an email format means carbon copy so you and the rest of the world have probably received this email i would simply treat it as spam and give it the treatment it deserves, unless you are actually interested in what they have to offer....

  jolorna 21:51 08 Dec 2007

im actually selling a boat and have my email address for people to enquire, like Sea Urchin's reply says the email addy is different the cc is close to the persons surname

  SANTOS7 21:55 08 Dec 2007

Why would talktalk send you a "cc" message about your boat i do not see how the two are related...

  Sea Urchin 21:58 08 Dec 2007

No, I think it is somebody with a TalkTalk email address sending the message - not the ISP>

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