Problems "Seeing" external drive, any advice?

  six-h 20:56 10 Oct 2010

This is the HDD from my Thinkpad.
It is only 3.2GB, and formatted FAT 32.
I've put it into an "icybox" external drive caddy and plugged the two USB leads into my PC.
The drive "shows" in the "Computer display of my Vista PC, but the Bar Indicator, normally blue, is in this case red.
Right clicking the drive and selecting Properties, makes "Explorer" crash and though I can acess Task Manager, it achieves nothing.
I have to unplug the caddy.
This drive works fine in the Thinkpad...or rather it did, I've yet to see if I've destroyed it!
Swapped another drive into the caddy, and all's well.
Could it be the fact that the drive is FAT 32 be the cause?

  northumbria61 22:14 10 Oct 2010

FAT versus NTFS - click here

  six-h 22:46 10 Oct 2010

northumbria61 can't see anything in your link that relates to my current problem!

  six-h 23:52 10 Oct 2010

Hi David, I eventually found that out!
Problem is there's bugger all on the disk apart from the OS and a bare min of progs.
I even took off all the music and pics to reclaim some space in order to install TI, hoping that I would be able to clone the disk using the lappy its self.
Thwarted on that front 'cos the lappy only has ONE USB 1.1 port.
That's why I'm using the caddy via my main PC.
Hoping to make an image of the caddy drive via my PC on to another (3.5") external drive.
If that's successful, I can swap a larger laptop drive into the caddy, and restore the image back on to it so that I can then fit the bigger (20GB) drive into the lappy........and hope it works!
Long winded, or what!

  six-h 15:32 18 Oct 2010

Finally managed to transfer the OS from the laptop drive to a 3.5" external drive, then back to the laptop after fitting the larger drive.
The confusion arose from the facility in Acronis to "clone" a drive.
Whilst this is possibly convenient in certain circumstances, it only served to confound in this case!!
Job done.

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