Problems with scanning time for AV (Kaspersky)

  flicb 10:18 03 Oct 2006

I have two computers - desktop (mine) and laptop (educationally provided as I can't write).

I'm finding that the laptop seems to have slowed considerably since upgrading to Kaspersky 6.0 - and I haven't installed anything extra onto it (not allowed).

It's a Tecra A2, 1.7 GHz processor, 496MB(????) of RAM, Intel 82852 graphics.

The way the laptop was set up by the provider (again, something I'm not allowed to fiddle with), the system disk is 10GB, and has 461 MB free space, and the data disk is 17.7 GB with 6.64 GB free space (so I'm assuming that the problem isn't virtual memory).

When looking at the performance tab on windows task manager, the physical memory usually has approx 130 000 free, so I'm assuming that's not the problem...but the CPU usage seems to shoot up to 98%+ fairly regularly (e.g. when running AV and e.g. word or a web browser at the same time) - could this be what is slowing it down, and if so is there anything I can do other than buy a laptop out of my own pocket?

(Unfortunately disabled students allowance only provides sufficient funding for the average dyslexic student - whereas I need a laptop that can run Dragon Dictate and Supernova (magnification/screen reader) on top of everything else...and I think they had to compromise on the specs due to lack of funding).

If anyone's got any ideas as to where the bottleneck in the system might be, I'd love to know.

Also, does anyone have any ideas how to work out reasonable specs for a computer running multiple programs (as this laptop can run the aforementioned programs seperately fine...only has trouble when they're run together).

  Diodorus Siculus 10:32 03 Oct 2006

496MB(????) of RAM - and 16mb given over to video total 512mb RAM - so that's fine

"system disk is 10GB, and has 461 MB free space, and the data disk is 17.7 GB with 6.64 GB free space (so I'm assuming that the problem isn't virtual memory)."

It depends on where the virtual memory is - right click my computer and choose





virtual memory


and point virtual memory to the bigger partition.

I think it's the "10GB, and has 461 MB free space" causing problems.

Can you go back via system restore to before the udpate?

It seems to me that the laptop should run ok - not wonderfully, but ok. Is it a celeron processor?

  flicb 11:13 03 Oct 2006

Thanks - I've done that and will see how it functions this afternoon.

Device manager says it's an Intel Pentium M processor.

  Diodorus Siculus 12:16 03 Oct 2006

That's a decent enough processor then; you should be ok.

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