Problems with a sandisk 4GB SD card!!

  DjSprinks 00:23 04 Jul 2009

Hi ppl :)
i recently brought a sandisk 4GB SD card for my LG Viewty mobile phone (despite rumores that it would only handle 2GB!-i begged to differ!! :]
so i installed it and low and behold it only detected 2 GB which was used!? so i formated it on my pc and still the same (the pc detected it as a unused 4 GB card) i then tried formating it on the phone and the phone now reads it as a unused 2 GB card!! kl i thought! but wait so does the pc!! So basicly formating the memory card on my viewty phone has turned a 4GB SD card into a 2GB one!?! any ideas why or how to change it back?? or is it a 'it doesnt work' return job to argos 2morrow?! Lol
Thanks for any surgestions!

  T I M B O 00:30 04 Jul 2009

Do you have nero ??

  Migwell 00:31 04 Jul 2009

try to re-format it on the computer if you can't get back to 4Gig take it back and ask for a refund.

you can buy 2 and 4 gig cards on ebay for a lot less than you can at argos. if your phone is only able to take 2 gig why waste money buying 4 gig ones?

  Stuartli 00:34 04 Jul 2009

>>(despite rumours that it would only handle 2GB!-i begged to differ!! :]>>

You've answered your own question. It would appear you can't blame Argos.

I would also suspect that you would not be able to format the card on your PC to use in a mobile phone.

  DjSprinks 00:56 04 Jul 2009

Hi thanks 4 yr help ppl :)
T I M B O.yes i have nero (comes bundled with software with an asus mobo! :) )
Migwell. i have tryed to reformat it on the pc with no sucsess! even downloaded a panasonic formater to try but would not let me change the volume size.i kno it can be done as i have read many a tale of it working on the net but just broke the golden rule-do not format the card with the phone!! Lol :( went argos as it it is near to me i am aware of cheap cards on ebay but did not want to wait! Lol i part run an ebay business.
Stuartli. i will just say the card is defective! Argos and Sandisk are multi million pound companys,im am a trainee electritan-you do the math no one will loose from there pockets but those that can afford to! and £12.99 isnt gonna bother them! its a robin hood kind of thing! Lol

  DjSprinks 01:01 04 Jul 2009

P.s i know it can be done! i just made a mistake on the way! you can format the cards on yr pc for phone i have done it b4. My friend put windows vista pro on his nokia n96!! if that can be done,so can this! Lol

  T I M B O 01:02 04 Jul 2009

sandisk & nero have issues

  DjSprinks 01:04 04 Jul 2009

I dont use the nero software with the phone! i just brought it!

  Stuartli 09:22 04 Jul 2009

I just hope you can sleep at night.

Argos, Scandisk and many, many other companies become big by treating their customers fairly and honestly.

They assume that approach will be replicated by those customers and I'm sure that you wouldn't be too pleased if your e-Bay buyers adopted a similar attitude.

  Stuartli 09:23 04 Jul 2009 making false claims with regard to a purchase?

  hastelloy 11:21 04 Jul 2009

Of course he'll sleep - he just can't see that it's not the big companies that foot the bill, but their thousands of customers as this sort of thing is built into the sellers' mark-up!

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