Problems with Samsung NC10 Netbook

  Chas49 16:40 11 Apr 2010

Need help with...

(a) The Computer put itself into hibernation when I tried to access another program on the start menu! The power button is down dead and I suppose that there is a key combination to awaken it. Anyone with this netbook had the same problem?

(b) The start menu does have RUN listed - is there anyway of getting this added to the menu.

As always help would be appreciated in solving these problwms.

  Batch 16:47 11 Apr 2010

(b) Right click Start Menu, click Properties, select Customise, select Display Run, click OK

  Chas49 16:51 11 Apr 2010

Have you ever had one of those days? I no sooner posted this query than I went to pull out the power plug from the computer and found that the cable was not connected at the power end of the adaptor! The battery had run down and it would sem that in order to save your work the computer had gone into hibernation. Reconnecting restored ir to life. Egg on face and feeling a complete twit!

  Chas49 17:05 11 Apr 2010

Thanks... found it on the Classic Menu.
Still feeling ab idiot for not checking the power cable earlier - The adaptor was on the floor and I must have keickeed the cable and dislodged the plug.

All Ok now... thanks again.

  Chas49 17:08 11 Apr 2010

My eyesight! ab = an: keickeed = kicked. Actually I think my keyboard is a little to sensitive to the touch.

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