Problems with right click button

My computer is an Acer 1800 and my o/s is Windows XP.
Recently my system has either stopped all together or slowed down so much that it is taking about 10 minutes to open a file. There seems to be no persistent reason and usually after a few hours, everything returns to normal!
However, after the last time this happened, I now find that when I click the right button to, say, rename a file, all I get is the first name on the menu (usually "Open") and to access anything below this, I have to slide down and each item appears, highlighted in blue! I hope I am explaining this clearly, as although I can achieve what I want in a roundabout way, I would like to get back to normal.
I have recently done a complete 'Defrag' and also regularly run 'Slow PC Fighter'.

  birdface 08:24 02 Sep 2010

When your computer is running slow go into Taskmanager and under processes system idle process should be showing about 96% of the CPU this is normal anything else using up a lot of the CPU let us know what.
Maybe scan using malwarebytes free to make sure no nasties lurking about.

In Taskmanager the System Idle process shows around 94%.
The only other item which shows any noticeable usage is chrome.exe which varies between 3% and about 35%, but not consistently!

  birdface 13:38 02 Sep 2010

I suppose the 35% is enough to slow your computer down.
Chrome.exe is no doubt Google Chrome so should not be showing up on Taskmanager if not running.
Not having Chrome at least I think that is how it should work.
I also have Firefox on my computer but if I do not have it open it does not show in Taskmanager.

  birdface 13:47 02 Sep 2010

Sorry assumed everyone used IE or firefox.

Worth a look.

click here

Just to be in the safe side maybe update and run Malwarebytes free version.

click here

  birdface 14:09 02 Sep 2010

Not a great write up here for Slow Pc Fighter.
personally i would remove it and maybe do what the magazine did was to restore the problems that it fixed.
click here
If you have to use anything like that try Winaso Optimizer trial version which works forever.
it will only repair 10 items at a time but you can run it as often as you like.

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