Problems with RGB multi-way adaptor

  LogIK 17:01 02 Jan 2005

Hi everyone,

Okay, I have one of those 4-way scart boxes that allows you to connect a number of RGB scart devices to you TV.

I purchased one of these in the past, and it would not carry an RGB signal, only composite, so I got poor picture quality from my DVD player and GameCube, which were connected to it.

So, I had a hunt around and found one that would carry RGB signals. Strangely, this had to have an external power supply, but it worked great. Then I decided that it would be worth buying an RGB cable for my GameCube, rather than using the normal 11 pin composite one you get with it.

This greatly improved the picture quality of all of my games. However, there is a big problem with it. Whenever a game seems to show a lot of bright colours or plays an in-game movie, the picture completely messes up and jumps all over the place, like a picture that is not tuned in.

It's something to do with the 4-way adaptor, as it does not cause a problem if I directly connect the GameCube to the TV, with the new lead.

I can get my money back for the adaptor, but what do I need to look for when buying another one, that will stop this problem, or could it just be faulty?

Thanks in advance.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:47 02 Jan 2005

It is probably interferance from the other devices pluggged into the box.

I have same problem with a video and DVD player plugged in together.

  LogIK 18:52 02 Jan 2005

I thought that aswell, but I unplugged the DVD scart and it still does it.

I've also tried plugging the GameCube into different sockets on the adaptor, to no avail.

When it decides to go all funny when playing a game, the scanning noise from the TV also goes a lot louder.

These adaptor things are bloody useless. Everyone seems to have problems with them, one way or another!

  LogIK 18:56 02 Jan 2005

Oh, and if I revert back to my old composite lead, I don't get this problem at all, but the picture quality obviously lacks a lot.

It seems that the RGB signal is too much for it when the colours get too bright or involved!

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