Problems renewing Kaspersky after Barclays offer!

  julius44 07:13 19 Jun 2009

Hello there all, I'm a Barclays customer, and i got the free 1 year Kaspersky KIS 2009 offer, jusr like thousands of other customers, my 1 year free offer expires in under 3 weeks, and i wanted to extend it, and prev on there website it did mention a discount and instead of paying £39.00, it would be about £28 or something like that, so i thought fair enuff. Today ive wanted to renew it, so i've clikced on the renew license, and it says to get the renewal discount pls enter your license info, which i did.
It then says that my license is for a trial version or version that is NOT for resale. Well i know this, but its not a trial versoin, it is a 1 year FULLY VALID VERSION!!!!. It then says please visit our estore to purchase a valid commercial license and you will be eligible for a discount the next time you renew it....but that price is £39.99......and there is no discount anywehre, but a few days ago, there was an automatic discount of about twenty sometning pounds!!!!

  birdface 07:54 19 Jun 2009

Maybe try here.

click here

  julius44 08:02 19 Jun 2009

thanks buteman, the price for this great, i'd have preferred the digital download, but thanks loadz. I'm just wondering how easy it would be if i did purchase this, then continue to use the cd one...i hope that i wouldnt need to remove the current 1 that i have becos i had a problem in the past, when i tried to remove kaspersky completely, and i want through hell and back, lol!!

  julius44 08:25 19 Jun 2009

ive decided to get a cd copy from this site that i came across, and have relatives that have used the site called 7day shop. £15 including free delivery, and full 1 year license that can be used on 3 pcs. i cant argue with this price!!!
click here

  anchor 08:30 19 Jun 2009

How Kaspersky can have the gall to charge £40, when buying from their own site, when others are selling it, (with a profit), for £15 is a puzzle to me.

  mike40 08:59 19 Jun 2009

Don't install the new licence key until the day before the old one expires. The new one starts on the day you install it and you will lose the remaining time on the old one. I bought mine from PC World £19.99. entered the new key and lost almost three weeks. I queried it with Kaspersky who confirmed what I have just said


  rawprawn 09:08 19 Jun 2009

I renewed mine yesterday, log into Barclays> go to "At a Glance" (Left Hand Side of your statements) ai the bottom click on "Kaspersky Offer" It will open a new page and if you scroll down you will see there is a button for renewing Barclays customers. They email a new code instantly.

  rawprawn 09:58 19 Jun 2009

"and if you scroll down you will see there is a button for renewing Barclays customers."

There are just three buttons press Renew and it will open a new page and all you do is enter your email address and your personal banking number.

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