Problems reinstalling XP

  Hogwarts 08:19 31 Jan 2005

I have recently had many problems with crashes and pages freezing followed by Fatal System Errors at Windows logon. In desparation I have reformatted the hard drive and am trying to re-install Windows XP Pro. The problem is that each time I try, setup fails to copy a number of files from the CD and the operation fails. It is not the same files each time and I have tried to install from 2 different CD drives on to 2 different hard drives. I've also tried a friend's copy of XP but the problem persists.

Can anybody help, please?

  georgemac © 08:25 31 Jan 2005

It could possibly be memory errors causing this - click here and download and install memtest on a boot floppy or cd-rom and run the tests

alternatively you can try copying the xp setup files from the cd rom to the hard drive and install from there - you will need to boot from a floppy or cd with the dos os loaded - download a file and make a floppy from click here

to copy xp cd files to hard drive

xcopy d:\i386\*.* c:\i386\*.*/s/e

then c:\i386\winnt.exe to install

I had to do this once on a mates pc - it just would not load from the cd - I even changed cd drives and it made no difference.

Good luck, I am going away to work for a couple of weeks and will try and look in to see how you get on.

  PA28 09:06 31 Jan 2005

This is really strange - I had exactly the same problem recently when reinstalling on my son's pc. I reckoned it was the CD reader playing up and solved it eventually by taking out the CD drive and replacing it with a known good drive from another machine. It then loaded without problem and believing my diagnosis vindicated I binned the offending CD drive.

But I note that you've changed the drive already, so - in theory - you've eliminated this cause. Is there something about the XP disks that leads them to be easily misread? Have I binned a perfectly good drive? Anone else had similar problems as this?

  georgemac © 09:41 31 Jan 2005

I had the problem on my mates pc as above

I changed the cd drive with a brand new drive and the problem still exisited

after I had copied the files and installed from the hard drive, I refitted the original cd drive which is still working OK today - it was wierd.

  PA28 15:04 31 Jan 2005

I wonder if the CD drivers that Windows installation loads as a temporary measure are less than compatible with all drives. This could explain the problem? Any comments anyone?

  Kegger 15:44 31 Jan 2005

I have had this a few times, both with windows XP and During my day time job with win nt (various flavours / builds), i can use a disk the day before and the build will be succesful go to a different location the next day and even on same spec systems the build fails!! what i have done is copy my cd's and reburnt them at slow speeds (4X)and i don't get as many failures now. i passed this to fellow engineers and they have reported that their build failure rate has dramtically reduced, could be bad disks or bad readers, but it is a workaroubd

  Hogwarts 12:34 01 Feb 2005

Not had much time but attempts unsuccessful so far.

The floppy from the link (georgemac) showed<Windows root>\system32\hal.dll missing or corrupt and an MS-DOS Startup disk wouldn't see the CD ROM drive so I couldn't copy.

Is the command xcopy or just copy?

I'll have another go tonite

  PA28 16:28 01 Feb 2005

I know this sounds like the long way around, but on my son's PC having suffered a number of stalled installations as you described, I swapped out the CD drive AND (in blind desperation if nothing else) reformatted the hard drive again to NTFS. That way I ensured a clean start - and it worked for me. Might be worth trying the reformatting bit again, even though a full format takes an age (don't play with quickies!).

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:06 01 Feb 2005
  Hogwarts 13:20 03 Feb 2005

Problem sorted.

It turned out to be a faulty memory module. XP now appears to load normally. Hope it solves the problems that made me reformat.

Many thanks for the useful suggestions.

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