Problems Reinstalling Windows

  spirojunk 18:01 05 Nov 2006

After applying some thermal paste I put my CPU back in my computer and it came up with "New CPU Installed" on the start up screen. I lost a hard drive before when changing CPUs before so I thought I better reinstall windows just in case, as I really don't want to lose everything on this hard drive.

I put in the disc and press Enter to go to "Start new setup" and then "Please wait...." comes up at the bottom of the screen and just stays there forever and ever, nothing happens.

I've tried having 3 different hard drives in when loading Setup, I've tried putting the Windows disc in my other DVD drive, I've tried clearing CMOS, I've even tried another copy of Windows XP, all the same problem. It never gets to the next screen.

What can I do?

  Das Boot 18:06 05 Nov 2006

Hi check that you did not bend a pin on the CPU when you replaced it. I did once and had a similar problem
Good luck.

  woodchip 18:12 05 Nov 2006

Faulty Ribbon Cable

  spirojunk 18:24 05 Nov 2006

If there was a bent pin surely the CPU wouldn't work up until that point?

As for the cable, I've tried different cables, plus I've tried with both IDE and SATA hard drives.

  Rayuk 18:33 05 Nov 2006

Go into the bios and check cpu settings have you checked motherboard will take your new cpu.
Shouldnt be any need to reinstal windows

  spirojunk 18:36 05 Nov 2006

I've not installed a new CPU, I have simply put back in the one I was using previously. But the BIOS startup said "New CPU installed". And I thought it was advisable to reinstall windows when changing processors, because when I changed motherboards in the past it corrupted by hard drive. Do you think it is safe to try and start up windows without a reinstall then?

Despite that, it still doesn't explain why setup isn't working properly.

  PC Bilbo 18:36 05 Nov 2006

Having checked all connections and also that your HDD & Processor are correctly identified in the BIOS have you set the first boot device as CD?DVD ROM within the BIOS?

  Rayuk 18:37 05 Nov 2006

Have you tried to start up into Windows?

  Rayuk 18:38 05 Nov 2006

It should work ok, changing motherboards is a different ketle of fish.

  spirojunk 18:50 05 Nov 2006

In answer to bilbo, everything is identified fine in BIOS and yes the boot device is set to DVD drive, after all I do get into Setup, it just doesn't progress past a certain point.

To rayuk, I have just tried to get into Windows and it just freezes on the Windows XP Loading Screen: I can't get into windows. I have also tried loading into Safe Mode which doesn't work either.

May I say, before all this happened the computer was working fine. I only took out the CPU to put on some thermal paste as my processor was getting too hot. Now the temperature problem has been solved, but for some unknown reason Windows won't work.

  Rayuk 19:09 05 Nov 2006

Have you checked also that all the cards are secure you may have knocked them when you were fitting cpu.
Especially the memory best if you removed it and reinserted it.
Do you have a 2nd drive you can use to load XP with

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