Problems Reinstalling Camera

  retrodisco 08:13 17 Aug 2006

Hello! I am new to these boards, and I really hope I can get some help. A few years ago my mom bought a eVision123 dualcam from AOL. I've gotten it to work many times, even after a few reboots. But I think something happened because it's not letting me reinstall it. I no longer have my Windows98 CD, so when it asks to insert the CD, I get these missing files:

I have been looking for a couple of weeks online for a solution! I saw something from this site, which is why I joined but I can't find the post now. I know it has something to do with my file, but I don't want to go snooping and damage my computer. If you can help me figure this out, I'd be greatly appreciated.

  namtas 08:31 17 Aug 2006

These are camera driver files, are you being asked for the CD that came with the cameara as this is where the drivers will most likely be.

  retrodisco 09:49 18 Aug 2006

no, it asks me to put in the Windows 98 CD-ROM which is what I don't have.

If they are in the camera CD, what file do I look for them in?

  brundle 10:52 18 Aug 2006

They are definitely from the 98 CD - can you borrow one from somewhere to get those files?

Failing that take a look in c:\windows\options\cabs and see if you can locate there.

  namtas 10:59 18 Aug 2006

May help you
click here

  retrodisco 06:06 19 Aug 2006

yes! that fixed it! thank you. :]

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