Problems receiving emails

  bear73 12:29 11 Oct 2010

I have contacted TalkTalk about my email issues and they have been very unhelpful. For the last few days I have noticed I was getting fewer emails, particularly the ones I get regularly like searches on Ebay and facebook notifications.

Today I finally received some emails that were sent on Friday and Saturday, they were stamped as sent on Fri and Sat but I received them during the early hours of this morning.

There are lots of emails I am not getting, facebook notifications are sporadic, mostly I don't get them at all and then I get the odd one. I have 8 ebay searches set up to email me daily, they usually all come through together at the same time but the last few days I have got none at all or just one or two of the searches. I checked on Ebay and they are all still active and it states under each one that the last time they were sent were 10/10/10 but I didn't receive any of those emails.

TalkTalk say that it may be due to

- The Incoming and Outgoing servers are not set correctly.
- The port that Outlook Express uses to send and receive mails may be blocked by Firewall.
- The accounts may not be configured properly.

I don't think its any of these, I have made no changes whatsoever to how I use my email. I just noticed I wasn't getting my usual ones. I actually use Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 to manage my mail (I always have and have made no changes). I have no idea why they assumed I was using Outlook Express.

Any ideas of what I can do or check? I pointed out to them that some emails are getting through so clearly the accounts are configured ok or they wouldn't be coming through at all. I don't think my firewall is an issue but to be honest I wouldn't even know how to check. I think my pc just has the standard Windows one which I have never touched.

I don't really know what to do now. I have no idea what other emails I am missing, I only know I am missing ones that usually arrive from Ebay etc. A friend did forward an email that he had sent on Fri (which didn't arrive till this morning) and I notice in the subject the forwarded email said "Fwd: Delivery Status Notification (Delay)". Does that mean they were told there was a delay sending it?

I just want to know whether its an issue my end or whether TalkTalk need to pull their finger out and find out what is wrong.

Many thanks

  onthelimit 12:42 11 Oct 2010

Not an answer to your problem, but in the meantime you should be able to check your mail by logging in to your TT account (webmail).

  shellship 13:03 11 Oct 2010

I am having similar problems and when I try to log into my web mail on the TT new site absolutely nowt happens. Shocking.

  BRYNIT 13:03 11 Oct 2010

"I have no idea why they assumed I was using Outlook Express."

They wouldn't know what e-mail program you're using. It could have been any.

The problem could be anywhere. Have you tried logging onto your e-mail account via the TalkTalk website to see if the e-mails have arrived there.

If they are arriving at TalkTalk the problem could be in one of your setting, try deleting and redoing them may rectify the problem. If they are not arriving at Talk Talk the problem is elsewhere.

  bear73 13:05 11 Oct 2010

Thanks. I have been on to webmail to see if all my emails are siting there and just not arriving in my Outlook inbox but they aren't. None of missing emails are there.

I don't know what that means but surely the issue is with them and not with anything I have done. I haven't touched a thing and all of a sudden it must be my settings or my firewall!

I actually clicked on Windows Defender to check and it was actually turned off! I must have disabled it for some reason and forgot to turn it back on. I do have AVG but don't think that is a firewall. So clearly it wasn't a firewall issue as it wasn't even on!

  Woolwell 13:25 11 Oct 2010

Windows Defender isn't a firewall. It's a protective program but I don't rate it at all.

If the e-mails are not getting to webmail then this indicates that the problem is not at your end. They are not getting to the TalkTalk servers for you to download. This could be a problem with TalkTalk or somewhere else..

  bear73 13:31 11 Oct 2010

Thank you Woolwell. I thought as much.

Re: Firewall - what would you suggest using. I clearly am shirking my firewall duties, even Defender isn't any use when its turned off!

It's just a bog standard home pc, used mainly for email, internet surfing, photos etc. I really should get something to protect it!

Thanks for the reply, I will try and contact TalkTalk again. Their webmail service seems to have issues and is extremely slow so maybe there are issues there.

  Woolwell 13:39 11 Oct 2010

What is your OS?

  bear73 13:47 11 Oct 2010

I use Vista Home premium at the moment, but am considering upgrading to Windows 7 (still mulling that one over though). Thanks

  BRYNIT 14:26 11 Oct 2010

If they are not arriving at TalkTalk the problem is not on your computer.

When logging onto your TalkTalk email account have you check in the junk mail folder to see if they being classed as junk mail.

You could always create an extra/new e-mail address and see if this rectifies the problem.

  bear73 14:32 11 Oct 2010

Thanks. No there is nothing in the junk folder on webmail so the problem definitely lies with them.

I will try the other email idea and see if that proves the emails are getting through ok to another address.


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