problems re-intalling windows xp

  LJM 09:02 03 Apr 2008

I have found myself having to re-load Windows XP on my laptop. I am using the CD that came with the laptop and until 2 days ago had stayed in its wrapping since buying the laptop over 3 years ago.

Installation seems to go fine and then an error message comes up which says:

'One of the components that Windows needs to continue setup could not be installed.

The volume for a file has beeen externally altered so that the opened file is no longer valid'

The setup log file reads as follows:

'Error:- SXS.dll: System error in manifest or policy file J:\1386\asms\6000\MSFT\WINDOWS\COMMON\CONTROLS\CONTRILS.MAN on line 4'

'Error:- Installation failed: J:\1386.asms Error meesage: The volume for a file has been externally altered so that the opened file is no longer valid.'

Has anyone got any ideas how I van complete my -re-install?

Thanks for any help.

  recap 12:01 03 Apr 2008

There are numerous reasons that come up in a Google search, but the most prominent are Clean the CD lens, remove new memory if you have installed more since the machine was new.

  Ditch999 15:01 03 Apr 2008

XP should be installed on C:\ whereas it appears that it is trying to install to J:\
Have you formatted the hard disk or is this a repair?
Be aware that if you format, you will lose all info stored on the partition.
Is the CD a Windows XP cd or is it a restore CD from the manufacturer of the laptop?

  LJM 07:56 04 Apr 2008

Have tried cleaning the lens, but no luck. Have not installed any new memory

Am trying to install on the C drive and have no idea where J is coming from.

Have formatted the HDD, but backed all my files beforehand.

It is a CD supplied by the laptop manufacturer - Medion - and it says that it is an 'Operating System Installation CD - Windows XP Home Edition Sp1A' However, it is not a hologram CD like a Microsoft version, but I do have the product key.

Does this help any further?

  rickf 08:35 04 Apr 2008

Have you not got a Rcovery disc as well from Medion?

  xania 08:43 04 Apr 2008

I suspect that J:\ is either your DVD drive or a temporary drive set up during the installation process. Either way, its the drive its reading from - not reading to - so this is a red herring. However, it may indicate that the install CD is faulty. Have you tried contacting Medion click here. I see that you only have SP1a on your CD - any replacement will almost certianly have SP2. However, if you can borrow an install disc form a friend, try using this instead, but use your own product code.

  LJM 09:06 04 Apr 2008

Yes, I do have a recovery disk and tried installing this - without success - before going down the re-install Windows route.

My well try the last option of using another install disc in the first instance.

Thanks for all your input.

  TonyM 09:23 04 Apr 2008

Could the recovery disc be looking for a hidden partition (J:) on the HDD that contains the installation files it needs ....and which is no longer there due to the re-format ?

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