Problems! Problems! Problems!

  Pc.2 12:35 18 May 2003

Where do I start? OS=XP Home - P4 2.4gb CPU - 1.5gb DDR Memory - 80gb 7200 HDD - 128mb GeForce 4/440mx Graphics Card - Creative 5.1 Live! Soundcard. Problems--- It will not play any Games??? No error messages at all??? They just briefly flash onto the screen then just as quickly disappear.Games are meant for XP. It won't even play the inbuilt games like Pinball?? The second problem is just as dramatic...Since installing a Router I can't use Remote Assistance, again no error messages. The router is set up to accept Port 3389. I've just about had it and thought I would ask if anybody can help with any of these probs. or knows someone that can help, I've tried Microsoft/Netgear/GeForce/Creative & the makers of some of the games etc. but none have been able to help. Thanks in advance. Cliff

  PSF 12:45 18 May 2003

For your games problem have you got all the latest drivers for your graphics card, sound-card and motherboard.

Most of the games will also have XP patches for them, if needed.

If you have Via chipset load the new VIA Hyperion drivers click here .
Also what version of Direct X are you using, DX8 is standard with XP, DX 9 is now out.

  Pc.2 12:51 18 May 2003

Hi there, Yes I have all the latest Drivers, Upgrades etc. But nothing makes any difference.

  PSF 13:00 18 May 2003

I have been using Xp with games since it came out, the main problems I found was some of the older games like Tombraider did not work very well.

Other games I use the compatibility mode and then they run ok.

If all of your drivers are up to date is seems strange.

I noticed you have 1.5gig of ram. Have you tried to run with 512mb of ram to see if that makes any difference.

XP is happy with large amounts of ram, but just in case try with less and then add it back again.

I am using 512mb ddr in one pc and 768mb ddr in the other pc.

  Pc.2 13:05 18 May 2003

One of the games was purchased for me at Xmas - Robot Wars Destruction - so it's not a matter of compatability, I don't think. I have removed 1gb of memory, leaving 512mb, but it made no difference... I had this problem once before on my old PC, it turned out to be SP1, but this machine doesn't have SP1 installed, it's really confusing!!! Thanks.

  jazzypop 13:05 18 May 2003

Go to Start > Run, type dxdiag

Check each tab, run each test. You shold see 'no problems found' in the Notes section at the bottom of each screen.

Is it only games that you are having problems with? Can you play audio CDs, downloading movies etc?

  Pc.2 13:09 18 May 2003

Yes I have run these tests and there are No problems. Yes I can play/write Audio cd's and download movies etc. and play/write DVD's. Everything runs really smoothly except Games.. very confusing??

  AMD 4 ever 13:13 18 May 2003

I would say you need to have a look at your drivers...not necessarily the latest works best! Trip into the BIOS and set it all to setup defaults, also make sure you are not O/C!!!
Is the RAM Branded? Make sure your CPU has a sufficient heatsink and fan(While in BIOS check cpu temp.)

  Pc.2 13:18 18 May 2003

From the previous experiences of these problems I made a point of using/setting the Defaults. The CPU is not O/C and the temperature is just fine (it has a Heatsink & fan for upto 3gb)...The mystery deepens...

  rickf 13:19 18 May 2003

This is a shot in the dark Have you tried seating your g/c in another slot. Mine did not like being next to the sound card once reseated it everything worked fine.

  rickf 13:21 18 May 2003

Also I think with the router you might have to configure the settings inside Netgear. Have a look. When I used the Netgear DG814 I connected to the web ok but had to configure for playing online games.

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