problems printing word 97 documents

  Keithrow 22:39 25 Feb 2003

Printer HP 959c
My son is using office 97 to produce coursework for his examinations.
He has produced several sheets some of which print and the others, on an identical template, will not.
An error box comes up when attempting to print saying
"windows cannot print due to a problem with the current printer setup.
Try one or more of the following,
1) print a test page
2) make sure the printer is switchedon
3) reinstall the printer drivers"
I have printed a test page with no trouble. The printer is surely switched on!
I have reinstalled the printer drivers, with the latest being installed.
Still no go!
If I try to print a different document from another folder, there is no problems with the printing.
I can't think of what to try next.
Any ideas??

  hamelin 22:58 25 Feb 2003

Hi Keithrow, have you checked under "File-Page Setup" to make sure that the page size etc are compatible with your printer, for example is the paper size set to A3?

  hamelin 22:59 25 Feb 2003

it should be set to A4...

  Keithrow 23:02 25 Feb 2003

The strange thing about page setup is that the size is set as custom but the sizing is as per A4. There is no option to set the page size to anything other than custom.
I'm using windows 98se if that has any baring.

  hamelin 23:15 25 Feb 2003

This is a long-shot as I am actualy working from memory (mine not my PC's {:-/ ) but have you checked your printer setup/properties and have a look in "Tools-Options" under the "Print" tab to make sure nothing is amiss there (compair different documents to make sure).

  Keithrow 23:27 25 Feb 2003

Thanks for your suggestions.
If I try to print out one of the no go documents, I can get to file-print. When I try properties, I get an error message saying "word cannot bring up properties dialog because the printer returned an error.
The options button brings up the same settings as other documents that will and do print without any problems.

  hamelin 23:44 25 Feb 2003

Have a look at this: click here it is the manual for your range of printers, take a look at page 107 to see if there is any help there.

  Keithrow 08:41 26 Feb 2003

Many thanks for your efforts hamelin but the problem still persists.
The document we are trying to print has previously printed but will not print now, minor changes have been made since last printing. It is not straight forward text but a mass of text boxes arranged some of which are indented. I can't therefore just copy the page and paste it onto another new page.

  -pops- 09:10 26 Feb 2003

I always print items with anything more than straight text i.e. anything with tables, text boxes, frames by first converting to a pdf file. This way you maintain all layout as per the original document. I have had it happen more than once where a Word document read on another machine comes out completely garbled because of different file settings in the second machine.


  Keithrow 09:18 26 Feb 2003

Hi there -pops-
This may sound pretty stupid but how do you save into a pdf file?

  -pops- 15:18 26 Feb 2003

Hi, sorry about the delay. Just got back from taking the grandchildren to Portsmouth.

Right, PDF files are written with Adobe Acrobat (which you probably won't have) and read with Acrobat Reader (which you probably do have).

You can get a PDF writer called Jaws ToPDF from click here This is cheaper than the Adobe version and almost as good. I use it a lot. There are some freebie PDF writers but I understand they are fiddly to set up.

It will cost, yes, but it will get over your problem and it will also give you some non-changeable files for your son's thesis.

Best of luck


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