problems printing part pages in adobe 8

  crumblebum 23:44 03 Apr 2008

i have just changed fron adobe 7 to adobe 8 and am unale to print part pages i select the part page ok and get a message that the selection has been copied ithen go file>print and get a preview screen showing the selected portion and click ok and then i get a printer preview which shows a blank page or sometimes a part of my selection and this is what my printer prints

  woodchip 23:59 03 Apr 2008

When you click print, it starts the printer properties box tell it what pages to print in the two box's

from page

  woodchip 00:01 04 Apr 2008

or can you select what you want to print copy it the paste into word etc and print it

  crumblebum 09:43 04 Apr 2008

tried the paste into word but what i am copying is a map i downloaded and when i pasted i got 8 pages of text and one page of text and map. i have now opened up the file in photoshop cropped one half and printed then cropped the other half and printed but the point is that this is a long process and the select and print which worked in adobe7 dosent wok in v8 incidentley after looking at adobe help i tried to print the selection as an image but adobe had a turn and said it needed to close down

  woodchip 11:30 04 Apr 2008

Why not revert back to v7

  Woolwell 11:45 04 Apr 2008

I've just tried this (not with a map) and got it to work using Adobe 8 using the method described in the help files using Tools - Select and Zoom and Snapshot tools and then print graphic. I also got it to work by using Tools - Select and Zoom and Marquee Zoom and putting a box around the part of the page and then selecting print and selection.

  crumblebum 12:42 04 Apr 2008

yes i used the method woolwell described but to no avail the best i got was about 30% of selection to print. iuninstalled and reinstalled and got the same results so ive gone back to v7 which works perfectly and gives a better print than going via photoshop which rasterises before printing. the file iwas working on was park official map of yellowstone national park downloaded from parks site

  crumblebum 13:08 04 Apr 2008

woolwell when you selected did the colours invert momentarily or stay inverted? when i usedv8 they remained inverted even after the "the selected area has been copied" message appeared whereas in v7 the inversion dissapears almost immediately

  Woolwell 18:21 04 Apr 2008

Can you let have a link to the pdf as the Yellowstone National Park one that I have found is secured and limits what you can do.

Odd - on another pdf file I have to use the snapshot method and on v8 it stayed inverted and print worked ok.

  crumblebum 20:51 04 Apr 2008

dont have the knowhow to send link but i went to yellowston nps>plan your visit>things to know before you come>list of yellowstone maps>official park map 1.4mb pdf i had no problem printing complete map with v8 and 7 only problems with part page with v8

  Woolwell 22:15 04 Apr 2008

I found your map and had no problems printing just part of it with Adobe 8. Sounds as if you needed to re-install version 8.

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