Problems with Pipex / Tiscali

  john bunyan 14:33 16 Mar 2011

Today could get no e Mails,phoned them and they have an intermittent fault on their server, hope to be ok within 24 hours. I thought it was me, but they say a lot of people are affected.

  spuds 14:46 16 Mar 2011

Considering that Talk Talk now own Pipex/Tiscali, then the email problems have been going on for some time. No sooner do they solve one problem, then another occurs (do a search on the internet). All to do with the 'improvements' of the mergers, so I keep being told.

Talk Talk are in daily contact with me, in trying to resolve daily disconnections and intermittent speed problems. All the daily test that I am doing for them,plus hanging around for their calls, I am beginning to think that I am now an employee of theirs. Never had this many problems when I was Tiscali, so I am 'Not an happy bunny' with Talk Talk and its customer services.

  LastChip 15:17 16 Mar 2011

Although I no longer use their (Pipex) service, I still have active email boxes and they are affected too.

This is probably the message you're getting:

Sending of password did not succeed. Mail server responded: Couldn't open INBOX: Internal error occurred.

I'm afraid since Pipex sold out, it's been downhill all the way, (one of the reasons I changed ISP's after a number of years with Pipex).

I suspect a "cut costs" mentality has crept in, as these larger companies have taken the reins. That usually means loss of expertise and it often comes back and bites.

  Taff™ 16:01 16 Mar 2011

Exactly as LastChip. Left Pipex last year after a slowly declining service after the Tiscali takeover and then rapidly downhill with Talk Talk. Even had debt collectors harrassing me until the regulators called them off.

Now happily with PlusNet and despite being part of BT a refreshing change - just like the old times with Pipex. UK based support and "Proper Folk" as they say in Yorkshire where they are based.

Move on as soon as you can before you`re the one who has to put the lights out!

  john bunyan 19:18 17 Mar 2011

Now fixed. I will not sign up for anyone with a long term contract so am considereing Zen. Such a hassle with e Mails though. At least little spam and speed increased to 6.5 Mbps from abt 2.5...

  Taff™ 09:24 18 Mar 2011

You can join PlusNet on a one month contract as well. If you contact them by phone and explain your predicament I`ve also found that they will even offer 3 months free "Anytime" calls but that was when friends of mine were referred by me personally. Drop me a PM if you need one. (Their referal scheme also reduces my monthly bill incidentally!)

  spuds 10:11 18 Mar 2011

I note that TalkTalk was informing some of its customers yesterday, that there were problems again with some email accounts, and peoples previous password were not being accepted. But they are working on it?.

I had the same problem at Christmas time, and their email is still not right yet?.

Regarding my earlier post, I am still getting virtual daily calls from their technical teams, informing me that they are 'monitoring' the problems of disconnections and intermittent speed issues. Had one this morning just after 8.30am, due to a sudden drop in speed yesterday evening. I think a person can only stand so much, and Ofcom seem to have very little interest as a regulator?.

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