problems with peerblock and other things.

  elbecko 00:14 09 Dec 2010

because i've unticked a few things in the start-up menu, i keep getting that system configuration utility box come up each time i restart the pc.

i've checked the box so i don't have to see this thing appear next time, but it keeps appearing, how can i stop it?

also a question for peerblock users.
i've just installed it again as i am now using my new pc.

if i click on something and 'allow' it, i get a message saying that i need to update my lists, which i do, but it still appears.

however the big thing is this. i've read that i should not allow http. so i disallow it and the tray icon of peerblock turns orange, instead of blue.
the thing is i can't access the 'net unless i completely disable peerblock[whether i allow http or not], it just won't allow me to get to any site.
with my old pc peerblock never did this, and i'd like to know why this is happening now. i want to keep peerblock but i won't be able to if this problem keeps occurring.

i use xp and opera. thanks.

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