Problems opening Photos

  premier man 10:47 31 Oct 2005

I have a set of photos which suddenly I cannot open,when I try I get a message saying `Adobe Reader could not open file because it is either not a supported file type or because file has been damaged or not properly decoded`, can you experts come up with a solution for me,I dont want to do a system restore unless I have to, many thanks

  hssutton 10:53 31 Oct 2005

Have you tried an image editor to open them?. Paint or Picture Fax viewer should open them, or download Picassa it's freeware click here

  Hamish 11:58 31 Oct 2005

Also, if you wish, try click here

  premier man 12:43 31 Oct 2005

thanks guys for quick response,will check it out later and let you know

  Simsy 13:04 31 Oct 2005

is not normally used to open photos...

Did you mean Adobe Reader, (which I take to mean the pdf reader?), or di you mean some other adobe product?

If you did mean Adobe Reader it sounds as though you need to reset the file association. Post again for help with this.

If you meant, for example Adobe Photoshop, then perhaps the images have been renamed, without the file extension... i.e. they have been renamed as

At the beach

instead of;

At the beach.jpg

With apologies if this is of no help whatsoever!

Good luck,



  VoG II 13:06 31 Oct 2005

You may need to repair the file associations for picture files click here

  premier man 16:17 31 Oct 2005

hello Simsy
excuse my ignorance on this,but yes they may have been renamed `South Coast`do I need to rename them with a jpg

yes I did mean adobe reader,can you help on this thanks

  Simsy 16:33 31 Oct 2005

as you did mean adobe reader, it means your file associations are wrong...

Open windows explorer, (or My Documents, or My Pictures... wherever it is your pictures are stored). Left click one of the pictures, to highlight it...

Then right click it, (holding "Shift" button down if using Win98)...

On the menu that appears selct "Open with..."

In the box that appears scroll down to the programme that you want to open the pictures with... tick the box that says something like "Always use this programme to open this type of file"

Then click "OK"

That should do it.

It is also likely that in your chosen programme, somewhere in the preferences setup, (which is usually via the "Tools" menu), there is an option to choose which type of files are opened by that programme... eg .jpg, .gif, .tiff etc. If you can find such an option, you may find it easier to do it this way.

Does this help?



  premier man 09:14 01 Nov 2005

I tried your suggestion but no joy,but I notice my photos
says South Coast2005.pvm
is this any help?
sorry to be a nuisance

  premier man 09:21 01 Nov 2005

when I did as you suggested the message came up saying
`File damaged or unsupported format`
any help?

  anchor 09:34 01 Nov 2005

It seems that this file extension is associated with HP cameras; (HP image zone); quite a lot of talk about it found in Google. Have a look.

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