Problems with Office 2010

  scubatony55 10:35 27 Mar 2012

Hi There

I have just uninstalled Office 2010, when I thought it was Project Professional 2007.

I have the 2010 DVD but it will not re-install,either via start-run or add remove etc.

In my desperation I have tried "system restore" .

In case somebody asks does my drive work etc

Yes I can explore a dvd in the drive. ( D: )

I inserted a Nokia software disc, something that I new I could safely delete if it did decide to go on auto-run or extract itself etc etc.

First before inserting the disc I opened Windows Explorer, then clicked on C:, this showed my various drives below C: etc.

When I was happy I then inserted the disc, I heard it run up and at the same time I noticed the tree expand to now include the title of the disc.

One click on D: not only gave me the contents of the disc in the right hand pane but gave me the contents in the tree below D:

Can somebody please provide me with a link that will help me restore Office 2010 or give a fix that will allow me to run my cd.

Yes I know what you are ALL saying what a "silly billy" or words to that effect, but I am sat here tearing my hair out, what little there is ! ! ! ! !

Yours frustrated


  Diemmess 17:34 27 Mar 2012

I'm amazed that none of the many experts who contribute to this forum have yet to post ideas for you, so perhaps this will revive your thread.

You don't say which OS you are using and my own experience of Word runs from version 2 (on Floppys) to 2007. Over that time the files on the CD or DVD have become so mysterious. Gone are the days where I simply ran Setup and followed that with the easily found "Winword." +

However, it seems that your installation disk will not Autorun and as a guess you might look using Google - for enable/disable Autorun.

I've tried insterting my CD (2007) and though it takes a few seconds before anything happens at all, when it does there is a window offering repair, installation and uninstallation etc, regardless of whether or not Windows Explorer is open.

  Ian in Northampton 17:35 27 Mar 2012

Is there not a 'setup.exe' file located in one of the folders on the DVD that you could double click on? (If you have known file extensions turned off, it may just show as 'setup')

  lotvic 18:03 27 Mar 2012

Explore the office 2010 DVD and find autorun or setup.exe

  markd71 22:06 27 Mar 2012

Find and delete all traces of Office 2010 in windows explorer, run ccleaner or something similar and clean the registry... Reboot and try install again

  lotvic 23:56 27 Mar 2012

To get rid of the remants so that you can reinstall try the steps on

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