Problems with new Toshiba Laptop

  hawthorn59 03:35 15 Jan 2008

Ok I might be too hard on could be a windows or drivers problem. i have the laptop a few days but only just started typing (here in this forum). While typing the text cursor flies around a bit; text becomes highlighted; I go fwd and back a page in IE; sometimes (not always) if I hit the spacebar accidently I skip to the bottom of the page....actually its just done it now when I was just typing.

I had this problem with my other laptop (but only after reinstalling xp) and I had to disable the touchpad. But I certainly didnt think I would have it in a brand new laptop.

Now I have to install updates....could this help?

Otherwise is there any point returning it to the shop? This appears to be quite a common problem.


  laurie53 09:10 15 Jan 2008

Sounds like a problem with the touchpad, which on my wife's Tosh is definitely flakey.

Can you disable it and try a mouse?

  Weskit 09:39 15 Jan 2008

Rather like the old story of the typist who complained that her machine kept leaving blank spaces, the engineer raised her chair a bit to stop unintentional space bar presses when she leaned over to read her notes...

  Chas49 10:38 15 Jan 2008

Yes,laurie53 is correct. I have a toshiba P2300-100E and couldn't understand why the cursor kep moving to other parts of the document until, finally realised that I was restine the heel of my left hand on the computer and my thumb was touching the touchpad!

  hawthorn59 18:59 15 Jan 2008

Sorry folks its not that! Brushing off the touchpad doesnt move the text cursor, only the mouse cursor. In all the laptops Ive had that problem never arose until the one before this one, which I cant understand.

Ive even tried typing there now while brushing off the touchpad as well, and all that happens is the mouse cursor moves, it doesnt affect the typing.

Funny thing is it hasnt happened once while typing this. I'll keep it monitored!

Another thing, could you give your opinions on these startup times:

105 seconds before the Welcome Centre screen appeared.

Then after that the hard disk seemed to be active for ages and its light blinking. Its purring away even now, 15 minutes later. I never had this with my HP so Im wondering is it a Toshiba thing or a Vista thing!?

Intel core 2 duo, 1.5ghz. 2 gig ram

I also think it take a long time shutting down; I'll time it and see.

Finally I posted a seperate topic on trying to import email messages from OE6 which is proving impossible. It tells me not all messages could be imported; and all I see in Windows mail is an empty "Imported Folder". I think W Mail is acting strange; I cant delete that newly created folder no matter how I try.

Also If I make changes like moving or reading emails, it doesnt show up in the right hand panel unless I shut down W Mail and open it up again; then it has updated. Thats a pain, but not being able to import my emails is worse!


  Chas49 15:22 16 Jan 2008

I think that 'thehill' is correct. In my case, disabling the touchpad has solved my problem. Brushing the touchpad did move the cursor and then, most likely, I caught the left button too - in which case I suppose it shifted the insert point to the new cursor position. Anyhow, be it what it may, the problem has ceased 8-)

My timing was 97 secs ( Only 8 secs difference) and yes the disk was still working away, loading the Sidebar and other items in the start menu. Shutdown takes a while for it does ,or so I understand it, close down all running processes before doing so.

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