Problems with new MS Comfort wireless keyboard

  1933 09:32 01 Jan 2007

Last week I bought a Microsoft Comfort Keyboard and Mouse and all seemed well at first but I now realise that the F lock key does not appear to have any effect and is not showing up on the screen when activated. This means that many keystrokes are not able to be accessed, such as the ampersand for email addresses and most shifted strokes are not as the character on the key. Any ideas please. Dave

  Hawy 10:02 01 Jan 2007

Have a look at the settings in Control Panel Regional and Language Settings and make sure they are set to English UK

  1933 12:03 01 Jan 2007

Thanks for the reply Hawy, all the settings in Regional Settings are for English UK. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software but no difference. I have tried it on 2 PCs running XP. I guess it will be going back to the vendor tomorrow. Happy New Year to all. Dave

  €dstowe 12:07 01 Jan 2007

Do you mean the Caps Lock rather than the F Lock?

F Lock isn't meant to do the actions you describe.

Can you get the ampersand and other upper characters via the shift key?

  1933 15:11 01 Jan 2007

My slight mistake, on this keyboard all the Function keys have 2 functions and the FLock key should change these. The Caps Lock does very little also. If the 2 key is pressed I get a 2, with the shift it gives a ", 3 gives £ etc. However the 2 key has 2, ", and ampersand on it. The 3 has 3, £ and hash. But no way can I find the ampersand or hash. The ampersand appears on the Ä. Apart from this problem a very good keyboard. Thanks.

  VoG II 15:14 01 Jan 2007

Try AltGr + key to get the third symbol.

  €dstowe 15:24 01 Jan 2007

Are you saying that you have an Angstrom (Ä) as a standard marked key on your keyboard?

If so, I would question if it's English or Scandinavian.

  1933 10:55 05 Jan 2007

Thanks for all your help, in the end I solved the problem by returning the equipment and changing it for a Logitech that is working fine. All the best. Dave

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