Problems with new laptop battery

  jazzy moo 08:58 26 Oct 2009

Bought a laptop battery to replace my dead one in my Dell Vostro 1700....Unfortunately whilst it looks the same as the Dell one it wouldn't "click" into place....The company has offered me a refund but obviously with these things I have to pay teh return postage costs...

The thing is I don't know what to do now about buyng another one as I am wary another one will not "click" into place and i'll end up paying another lot of wasted postage....

Anyone have any ideas why it might not "click" into place? Just want to find out why it happens so that I know whether or not to just go and buy a Dell one....

  Diemmess 10:02 26 Oct 2009

I think you have already found the answer - to stay with Dell for replacements.

This is a limp suggestion but my guess is that Dell have in the past made minute changes to a component to ensure that you always use their firm for spares.

Differences may be very slight but the cynic in me wants to suggest this as the reason for you present difficulty.

  jazzy moo 16:42 26 Oct 2009

thanks for the reply...

that's disappointing news, as I can't afford £117 odd for one....looks like I might be chained to the power point for a while :(

wouldn't surprise me with Dell laptops, it looks exactly the same must be somethng inside....

  BT 17:07 26 Oct 2009

Its a bit like their Printers which are basically rebadged Lexmarks, but Lexmark cartridges wont work although they look the same. You have to pay over the odds for Dell carts which are even more pricey than similar Lexmark ones.

  jazzy moo 17:28 26 Oct 2009

I've known other people manage with cheaper laptop batteries so it is something they've done recently? My laptop is about a year and a half old so maybe something they've done in the last couple of years?

  Diemmess 17:42 26 Oct 2009

If you have a sense of adventure and haven't yet sent the battery back......

You do have an opportunity to check where the difference lies and then if you're very luck you might be able to "adjust" the case.

The lack of a click home is a big clue suggesting something is a few thou more or less than you would like.

Another approach, though both are fraught with possiblities for getting it wrong and both are one way trips, would be to swop innards!
I have done this with some cordless phone batteries and DIY drill batteries where replacements were no longer available.

You would need some experience in this sort of thing and opening the case could be very tricky if it was sealed for life, but it can be done.

  jazzy moo 17:48 26 Oct 2009

Hmm not sure I would be adventurous when it comes to computing lol and the thought of opening up the casings scares me some what....

Was just wondering if it was worth giving it another go from another company just to see....was looking at global batteries and wondering if they might be worth a shot...

  Diemmess 11:33 27 Oct 2009

If there is a telephone number and obliging support staff, then surely they would be able to reassure or admit they couldn't supply?

I found Euro Batteries (nr. Bristol) very helpful on the phone even though their website is mighty comprehensive.

  jazzy moo 10:12 28 Oct 2009

I emailed Global batteries and they said that they haven't had a problem so far but if i were to order and it wouldn't fit then they would accept it I think it may be worth a shot even if I do lose the postage charges in the long run...

Just checked euro batteries and your're right pretty comprehensive site....

  Input Overload 11:38 28 Oct 2009

I once bought a none genuine DELL PSU for my laptop it looked exactly same as the DELL one. But when plugged in a screen came up & told me the power pack will only run the PC but will not charge the batteries as it's a none genuine part.

I also found it had a UK plug but no fuse in it. They are known it seems as Chinese fire lighters. I spend a little more and got a genuine one. You live & (Hopefully) learn.

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