Problems with new graphics card/modem

  Leejg 17:16 23 Feb 2003

I've just replaced my Graphics card and modem (Inno Tornado gf 4 mx440). Since then the pc freezes regulary requiring a reset. It happens mostly when I try to connect to the internet but not always. The modem was installed first for a week and there didn't seem to be a problem.
Any ideas

  Leejg 22:59 23 Feb 2003

Come on folks there must be someone with some advice.

  caast ©™ 23:36 23 Feb 2003

Don't know if this will help but worth trying, I had a similar problem with my nephews PC though it related to graphics and sound cards.

Go do device manager select the devices and make sure IRQ sharing is enabled, reboot and see if it solves the problem.

Failing that, remove both cards, re-install the graphics card first, shut down and reboot, and then re-install the modem, this should allow the modem to select a different IRQ AND hopefully cure the problem.

As I say might be totally unrelated, but worth trying failing anyone coming up with a better solution

  Leejg 00:00 24 Feb 2003

Where would I find IRQ sharing I've just been on device manager and cannot see it.
Ps I'm running win Me

  Leejg 13:35 24 Feb 2003

I've just re-installed both the graphics card and modem but still same problem, any more ideas?
Could it be a problem with extra power consumption, I replaced a TNT2 Riva card.


  misery 19:25 24 Feb 2003

remove the old drivers before upgrading the video card? When you reboot with the new card point ME in the direction of the latest driver you downloaded and, all should be ok. Modems can be tempremental, install the latest driver before you phisically install the modem.

  Leejg 15:21 28 Feb 2003

Does any body know what power a general Pc will take using a gf4. My psu is rated at 135w. is this too low and could it be the cause of the computer freezing up. Sometimes the monitor switches it self into standby.

  MartinT-B 15:37 28 Feb 2003

135 sounds low to me.

I'd suggest a minimum of 250, preferably 300+

  Beast 666 16:01 28 Feb 2003

my self think it is the psu, for a geforce 4 you
do need some where near 300 watts for the power supply .I have a ati radeon 9500 and it has to be powered from the poer supply seperately.
So ask in apc shop but 135 watts is too low.

  MartinT-B 17:01 28 Feb 2003

I knew I'd find it somewhere!

Here is a list of power requirements for PC Hardware.

Add up the totals for you machine to get the MINIMUM PSU required.

PSU: What you need
AGP video card - 20-30W
PCI video card - 20W
AMD Athlon 900MHz-1.1GHz - 50W
AMD Athlon 1.2MHz-1.4GHz - 55-65W
Intel Pentium III 800MHz-1.26GHz - 30W
Intel Pentium 4 1.4GHz-1.7GHz - 65W
Intel Pentium 4 1.8GHz-2.0GHz - 75W
Intel Celeron 700MHz-900MHz - 25W
Intel Celeron 1.0GHz-1.1GHz - 35W
ATX Motherboard - 30W-40W
128MB RAM - 10W
256MB RAM - 20W
12X or higher IDE CD-RW Drive - 25W
32X or higher IDE CD-ROM Drive - 20W
10x or higher IDE DVD-ROM Drive - 20W
SCSI CD-RW Drive - 17W
SCSI CD-ROM Drive - 12W
5400RPM IDE Hard Drive - 10W
7200RPM IDE Hard Drive - 13W
7200RPM SCSI Hard Drive - 24W
10000RPM SCSI Hard Drive - 30W
Floppy Drive - 5W
Network Card - 4W
Modem - 5W
Sound Card - 5W
SCSI Controller Card - 20W
Firewire/USB Controller Card - 10W
Case Fan - 3W
CPU Fan - 3W

  Leejg 17:39 28 Feb 2003

Thanks everyone with a quick calculation from MartinT's reply I'm looking at about 300w. Does any think that fitting a new psu will solve my problem.

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