Problems networking Vista & XP

  leonardsway 07:32 27 Mar 2008

First time here so hello!
I have an XP Home SP2 PC, a Vista Home Premium laptop and an Orange Livebox router. My network is all set up, I can see each computer from each other and open my Vista laptop from my PC but not the XP PC from the laptop.

When I try i get this message

\\PC is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network reource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions.

Logon failure: the user has not been granted the requested logon type at this computer

I read an article that said to change a setting in the local security policy, however I believe that XP Home does not have this facility

PLEASE help as this is driving me nuts. Many thanks in anticipation of your help


  Nikolai 21:44 27 Mar 2008

I just posted a plea for help with exactly the opposite problem. If you get a useful response to yours please let me know.
I presume that in the Properties of the folders on your PC that you want to share, you did check "Share with other computers on the network".

  joebloggs1 22:13 27 Mar 2008

Strange case really - up and running again, problem appeared to be 2 things.
Firstly - I had static IP addresses on all my PC's and have now set them back to automatic to get connected.
Secondly - MTU settings. The Belkin router only lets yuo go to 1492, but my main PC is vista which defaults to 1500. Followed a web link or two and found out how to change this. Finally go tconnected. the had to download DR TCP and changed the figure to 1430 on each PC. This eventually got me connected.
Also had the same problem with PS3 again automatic setting is 1500, and wouldn't connect to Playstation Network, by setting this to 1430 got that working too.

My sister uses a single PC and a netgear router, again had to set this to a non static IP address to get it connected, although this didn't have the MTU problem.
I had discussed this with both Orange and Belkin tech support and got no where - seems a bit off that one of them couldn't point me in that direction.

  joebloggs1 22:28 27 Mar 2008

Please accept apologies, posted my response to wrong thread.
Anyway while I am here might be able to help you.
i had this same issue. i believe it is related to the workgroup names. XP defaults to MSHome and Vista defaults to workgroup, you have to change them to be the same.
This is just frommeory but I'll do a bit of digging and confirm

  joebloggs1 22:34 27 Mar 2008

try this link - it probaly explains what you need
click here

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