Problems with NEC DVD_RW ND-1300A

  Brirev 22:00 27 Mar 2005

The above NEC drive is apparently not working properly. Can't get it to recognise any blank DVDs - tried them on other system works okay - and NERO says that there's no DVD in the drive when there is a blank one inserted. Also, I can't burn directly onto CDROMs - they only work via NERO. Reading is okay with both DVDs and CDROMs. When I start NERO I get a message that there's an incompatibility issue, however I have similar problems with other buring utilities eg: "Drop to CD" and "Instant CD". Help! Do I need a new drive?!

(As far as I am aware I haven't done anything "dodgy" like trying to copy things I shouldn't, etc.)


  billbod 22:15 27 Mar 2005

Try uninstalling the dvd drive. Rebooting windows should automatically find new hardware and re-install it

  Rogerfredo 09:50 28 Mar 2005

Which OS are you running?

  Brirev 10:54 28 Mar 2005

Sorry - I know I should have put the OS info on the original posting!



  thms 11:11 28 Mar 2005

Strange I have the same drive and it works ok with Xp and nero. Have you checked connectors are secure and jumper is set to master.

Also try suggestion above and uninstall then let xp find new hardware. I am using Nero Burning Rom version

  absent 11:42 28 Mar 2005

It in not a good idea to have more than one packet writing program such as InCd installed.Try uninstalling all but one.

  Brirev 12:12 28 Mar 2005


"Have you checked connectors are secure and jumper is set to master."

How do I do this, please?

Nero version that I've got is
I've tried downloading an upgrade in the past and given up as takes too long (I haven't got broadband)


  thms 12:25 28 Mar 2005

Switch off computer. Remove drive and look at back of drive. There should be label on the top or bottom showing master/slave/cable. The jumper (small plastic clip) should be located at the master position.

When replacing drive ensure the connectors are securly in place.

Not sure about the version of nero. But I think you need version 6.3 to burn DVD. May be wrong though. I had to download a plug in to burn dvds with my version. Unfortunately not free.

  Brirev 18:01 11 Apr 2005

Apologies for delay in replying - I've been on hols.

billbod - I've done what you suggested, thanks

thms - the version of Nero I have has burned DVDs in the past and continues to have the functionality

crx1600 - I know about the compatibility issue - the problem is that I haven't got broadband and so can't download the upgrade

ANYWAY - I got some other blank DVDs and they work!
They are "Budget DVD-R 1-8x click here"
(The ones that DON'T work are:-
"Grade A Media DVD-R 4x click here")

Any thoughts?
(What I find strange is the way that the latter disks USED to work)

Many thanks.

  Chegs ® 19:40 11 Apr 2005

I'm also on dialup,it took me over 2 hours to get Nero 63125.

The media problem...

I had ten DVD-RW's(5+ / 5-)The five -RW's ceased being usable after just a few weeks(Ricoh dye too)The +RW's were working fine up until approx 2 weeks ago.I have only the one +RW left thats still usable.

I had a pack of 25 "Datawrite" brand DVD-R's,these had been working fine until the last four,which (even on slowest burn speed still fail)wont.

I had a good read up on DVD-RW's,and the various probs people are having,and reached the conclusion that media is a bit lacking in the quality control area,that there are lots of "branded" discs,that are in reality just rebadged crap.That some of my probs were caused by InCD4300(changed back to older version 4056 and some stability was returned)That despite updating the drives firmware,the drive still couldn't use any of the media I had used successfully previously,so returned to original firmware.

I am now looking to buy "Imation" brand DVD-R's,as these appear to suit my particular DVD-RW,according to...

click here and its assorted links.

  Brirev 11:05 18 Apr 2005

Chegs - What's "InCD4300" please?

Everybody - thanks for all your help!


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