problems with my friend opening Internet Xplorer

  julius44 19:15 07 Jun 2009

My friend has a laptop with XP home edition, and he has IE7. He just rang me and told me that he has not used his paltop in over a month, and hes put it on today, and when hes tired to surf the internet with IE7, he clicks on the icon, he says the net opens for about 1-2 secs, and then explorer just closes again. He does not have google chrome or firefox installed, and he cannot even get to do any updates or use any other browser. Hes also told me that he had avast antivirus on the laptop, but he thot that avast woz the problem, so hes taken that off(I dont know why as he's got no security now, lol)......any suggestions pls?? could he already be infected with a virus, and maybe this is the cause??.......urgent help needed pls

  Sea Urchin 19:20 07 Jun 2009

Can he open IE7 without add-ons? Right-click the desktop icon and then Start Without Add-Ons.

  Taff™ 19:21 07 Jun 2009

Can he get into safe mode? Does he have an installation disc or a recovery CD?

  julius44 19:34 07 Jun 2009

thanks guys, ive just sent him a txt, as hes just gone to shops, ive mentioned the start with add ons, and whether hes got installation cd. what do u think problem could be?? Virus?? or just that no updates??

  Sea Urchin 19:49 07 Jun 2009

It should be Start WithOUT add-ons

  mymate 19:50 07 Jun 2009

I couldnt open IE when by accident i blocked it with the new Firewall i had put on .

  Technotiger 20:14 07 Jun 2009

Or if it has not been used for a month or more, the battery might be dead!

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