problems with my dads old computer!

  hoopschick 11:52 01 Mar 2004

My dad has been complaining that his computer has been slow for some time now - being a complete novice i have been unable to help. we decided to load norton antivirus onto it to see whether this would help everything went ok til he was asked would he like to overwrite some files which he clicked yes - it themn prompted that he needed to put in disc dbcom 98 which we didn't have - since then everything he tries to do comes up with cant find file C/JSLP.exe help please - he's talking about taking it back to the day he bought it and re loading everything - yet neither of us know what we're doing - i have xp and it is so easy compared to his!!!

  tenplus1 12:00 01 Mar 2004

You could try installing Search & Destroy which is a spyware remover... spyware usually bungs up your pc causing slowdown on processor and internet speed...

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  deadneat 12:12 01 Mar 2004

- he's talking about taking it back to the day he bought it and re loading everything - yet neither of us know what we're doing. Not a good idea formatting the drive and reloading everything then. You really do need to know what u r doin.
Ask a friend or take it to a local pc shop.

  tbh72 12:34 01 Mar 2004

BEFORE you can consider "Taking Back" the computer you must ensure you have all the disks required to do it, and that they work as they should. You should also bear in mind that unless you have backed up you "personal files" they will be lost.

If you wish to reformat & reload your computer post back and we can give you more detailed help.

  [email protected]@m 13:26 01 Mar 2004

dbcom is (I think!) a tool used by programmers, similarly that file is too deep for me.

As tbh72, if you have the Windows 98 Installation Disk, with code, there should be no problem formatting and re-installing 98, assuming there are no major faults on the basic PC.

  Belatucadrus 13:53 01 Mar 2004

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First time around reformating is a scary operation, but once done very satisfying. As tbh72 said, be sure you have all the driver disks handy before you start as trying to find them mid format will be a horrible experience.

  Jester2K 13:56 01 Mar 2004

Can you get the exact and complete wording of that message?

If Norton has removed a virus from the PC it might have left a registry setting intact that causes the virus to be run everytime you run a program. There is a simple fix for this but i need to know the EXACT error message first.

  hoopschick 16:16 01 Mar 2004

Jester2k - exact wording is programme not found - windows cannot find jslp.exe This programme is needed for opening files of type 'application' location of 'jslp.exe
when this comes up on start menu page if you pick location it doesn't find it. The same message comes up if i try to open anything on his pc for eg my docs page comes up blank and then the desktop goes into safe mode. I tried to get into system to restore but the same message accsee to the specified device or file is denied comes up on every icon on control panel.
I found jslp by going my computer - application data- symantec - options jslp but the message 'c:/recycled\jslp'cannot find the file'c:/recycled\jslp'or one of its components make sure the path and file name are correct and that all required libraries are available. I bet you're sorry you asked now but i'm beginning to panic that my dad has done something irrepairable! He has a floppy boot disk - windows 98 second edition and some recovery discs. thanks in advance

  Sapins 16:47 01 Mar 2004

tenplus1, tried to download this programme. Download stated immediately, no option to "Save"!! Cannot find programme anywhere. Got a security alert from Norton Firewall, tried download again, same security alert!!! Will now revert drives and forget about this.

  Wak 16:50 01 Mar 2004

If you can get your Dad's computer in to Safe Mode try going to Start/ Run/ and enter SFC in the box, click OK.
This will run the System File Checker which may be able to replace the missing file although it doesn't look like a System File.
Hope this helps.

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