Problems with an MP3 player brought from EBay

  chrissybabe57 19:57 10 Feb 2005

I brought an MP3 player from EBay and after a month i still can't install it! I don't know what make it is but when i try to install it says i need a file called AdfuUd.sys. Can anyone shed any light on what this is?

  pharte 22:42 10 Feb 2005

in light of the fact that no-one has replied i will add my a google search on AdfuUd.sys. and see what comes up.

  Totally-braindead 23:00 10 Feb 2005

What operating system do you use and what happens when you plug it in to the USB port, does it show under My Computer? Also did you get a disk with it?

  daba 00:15 11 Feb 2005

Win XP, ME, 2000 etc. don't need additional drivers, they are built in. Simply plug it in the USB and the PC should see it as 'new hardware' and install the support for it.

Win 98, however, will need drivers supplied by the MP3 player manufacturer, usually you install the driver first, then plug the player in and Windows finds the installed driver.

Most of the MP3 players come with a disk containing these drivers, but some don't, these players are sold as "Win 2000/XP Only" and "will only work with the stated Windows versions".

Don't believe the words, the player ought to work with all Win versions, it just needs the driver, this is probably just a marketing ploy to package these out without the driver disk, makes it cheaper (if that's possible!, I just bought one for about £13 !!). It's such a cut-throat market that a few Yen saved here and there is important.

If you're on '98, and your player didn't come with a disk, you could try drivers from a similar player. click-mail me your address and i can send you drivers that came with my player, either by 'disk-in-post' or e-mail, chances are these may work, my guess there is common hardware used in these players.

Feedback on many e-bay sellers in the orient suggests they don't bother to answer requests for backup, or even requests to replace duff players, some have even been 'suspended' by e-bay for their support (lack-of).

  chrissybabe57 19:59 12 Feb 2005

It did come with a disk and when i plug in the USB it starts to install but then it stops and says it need that file. I've tried different search engines but nothing finds it. I'm using windows xp

  FelixTCat 20:03 12 Feb 2005

When you plug the USB cable into your computer, does the player show up as a new drive? If it does, try copying a single mp3 file to it and then see if you can play it.

Sometimes all the clever software does is imitate Explorer.

  Totally-braindead 11:21 13 Feb 2005

Could you try it again and tell us what file it says it needs? That would be the place to start I think, although Windows XP shouldn't need any other software it should just detect it as a removable drive which appears in My Computer.

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