Problems in making a bootable cd

  JoJoh 09:36 29 Sep 2005

Hi - Can anyone help with making a bootable CD.
I am fixing an old laptop for a friend and cannot use windows as it has a trojan horse. Windows boots but will not run.

I have downloaded Magic ISO but do not understand how it works. I want to run F-bot exe when the computer boots. This is a virus checker. I have looked a various sites that explain how to make a
bootable CD but they are beyond me. Any help will
be appreciated.

The computer O/S is Win 98 (not SE)


  Yoda Knight 09:50 29 Sep 2005

Try Bart-PE (google for it). It creates a bootable disk that boots into a version of windows. You can add whatever you like onto the disk so its available to run

  Chegs ® 10:02 29 Sep 2005

click here

It offers a simple "one click" option to burn .ISO files

  JoJoh 16:07 29 Sep 2005

Hi - Thanks for your help. I am about to try Deepburner. I hope that the instructions are clear. It seems to have 2 different functions i.e Burn and build ISO images and Bootable CD/DVD support. I presume that I need to use the first of these.

I found Bart-PE a little tricky.

I will let you know what happens.


  JoJoh 16:16 29 Sep 2005

Hi - I just quickly read the forums for Deepburner and saw the following thread posted yesterday."
The catch with DeepBurner.
Boot Images don't work with the current version - wait till the next version I believe it will be fixed"

This is getting a bit beyond me. I wanted to create a disk that boots straight into F-Bot.exe
but it seems like a lot more is required on the disk than just the programme. Is this correct?

Thanks JoJoH

  Chegs ® 16:20 29 Sep 2005

click here

Tick this button,then Next and browse to the ISO file,its nigh on impossible to go wrong with DeepBurner.I have used it many times to burn dozens of ISO images,rather than faff about setting up Nero.

  Chegs ® 16:22 29 Sep 2005

PS: you want to d/l "DeepBurner Free 1.6 " or you'll have to pay.

  Yoda Knight 16:26 29 Sep 2005

Long shot but.... How big is the F-Bot.exe file ? Will it fit on a floppy ?

  JoJoh 17:34 29 Sep 2005

Hi - The F-Bot exe is 5mb, so is too big for
a floppy. I am really stuck. I tried to make the boot disk with Deepburner but got really stuck. I presume that it needs programmes on it other than
just F-bot in order to boot the PC. I even downloaded the Ultimate Boot Disk and copied it to disk but when I booted the PC it went straight into Windows ( I did set the bios to boot from the CD first). I know that the CD works as I put in my Norton Anti-Virus disk and it booted straight to this. The problem is that the disk is
2003 and the torjan is from 2005 (Smitfraund.c).Therefore I need a really up to date disk. I presume that even the latest Norton Disk will not have the definition protection as they are made a long time before being sold.

I am a bit stuck. I have been trying to fix this
for 2 days. The best solution so far has been the
Ultimate boot floppy however when I run the F-Bot anti-virus section it asks for the batch disk. I went back to their site and they no longer offer it and I am not sure exactly want the disk has on it. I presume the def file but I don't know where to find it. I looked on the F-Bot website but really don't know what I am lookinf for.


  JoJoh 17:37 29 Sep 2005

Hi Cheggs
Thanks for your suggestion. This is clear however I am not sure what to actually put on the disk. I presume that it needs quite a few programmes to run in Dos. I have read up a bit and it seems that I need to load up some things onto the disk itself. Problem is that I don't know exactly what to load.


  Yoda Knight 17:41 29 Sep 2005

Have you tried one of the online scans for removing it ? click here

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