Problems loading XP onto SATA drive

  s99Raj 13:10 14 May 2005

I'm just trying to build my first computer from scratch and am having problems loading XP.

The m/b is an Asus A8V-E Deluxe and I have a Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 Serial ATA (ST3160827AS) 160 GB Hard Drive attached to it and would like to install XP Prof onto it.

I've downloaded the latest version of DiscWizard from Seagate's website and put it onto two floppies as they say and started the computer up with these. All seems to go OK - the computer seems to recognise that the hard drive is there after I set it to one partition of 160 GB.

Then I restart and try to put XP on but it tells me that no hard drive can be connected.

I've tried flicking through the BIOS to see if I've made any obvious errors but I can't see any and I'm not totally sure what I'm looking for there anyway but most things are set to factory default.

Can anyone help please?

  Giant68 13:15 14 May 2005

I think that you have to press F6 during the initial install stage of XP. This is to install 3rd party RAID drivers, your SATA drivers in this case. Watch the bottom of the screen when you first boot with the xp cd in the drive. You will need the SATA drivers that should have been supplied with the m/b. Then just follow the instructions.


  bremner 13:16 14 May 2005

You need to have the Sata drivers for the motherboard on a floppy disk. You can either download these from the web or often they are available on the CD that came with the mobo.

As Xp starts it asks whether you want to install third party drivers - you do - and I think it says you must press F6.

  s99Raj 13:19 14 May 2005

Yes, I've just tried pressing F6 and it does ask me to put the SATA drivers into the A drive but I didn't get any SATA drivers on floppy with the m/b, only the driver CD. I tried putting that in but the computer just looks at the floppy drive.

Can I get the relevant drivers off the internet somewhere?

  Giant68 13:26 14 May 2005

I would imagine that you can download them fromthe m/b manufacturers site or you can copy them from the cd onto a floppy.


  s99Raj 13:32 14 May 2005

Here's a list of what's on the CD. Are any of these SATA drivers that i can put onto floppy? I've tried looking at Asus website but their blasted server is down!


-Cool'n'Quiet -ASUS Cool&Quiet Driver V1.0.1.7 for Windows 98/ME/2000.
-ASUS Cool&Quiet Driver V1.1.0.14 for Windows XP.

-ALC850 -ALC850 Avance AC'97 Driver and Applications A3.65 WHQL.(98/ME/2000/XP/2003)
-64bit -ALC850 Avance AC'97 Driver V5.10.00.5646 for Windows 64bit XP/2003.

-Windows -Marvell Yukon Gigabit Ethernet V7.14.1.3 for Windows 2000/XP/2003.(WHQL)

-VCT -Marvell VCT package v2.0.1.3 for 2000/XP/2003.

-Linux -Marvell Linux driver V7.04.

-UNDI -Marvell UNDI driver for EFI32 V2.02.

-Client_32 -Marvell Yukon Client 32 driver V7.03.

-ODI -Marvell DOS ODI Driver V7.04.

-NetWare -Marvell Yukon NetWare 4.0 Driver V7.03.
-Marvell Yukon NetWare 5.1/6 Driver V7.03.

-Unix -Marvell SCO UnixWare 7.1.x driver and OpenUnix 8.0.

-64bit -Marvell Yukon Gigabit Ethernet Driver V7.20.1.3 for Windows 64bit XP/2003.

-4in1 -VIA 4 in 1 driver Package Service driver v4.54.

-VIARAID -VIA VT6420 (VT8237) SATA RAID Driver Package Version 4.10A.

-WiFi -ASUS WiFi-g Wireless LAN Utility v. Driver v. V. for XP(WHQL)/2K/2003.
-64bit -ASUS WiFi-g Wireless LAN Utility v. Driver v. for 64bit Windows XP/2003.


-Acrobat -Adobe Acrobat Reader V5.0.

-AMD -ASUS Cool&Quiet V1.017 for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP and for 64bit Windows XP/2003.

-Setup.exe -ASUS Update V5.30.02 Install Program for Windows 2000/XP and for 64bit Windows XP/2003.

-DirectX -Microsoft DirectX 9.0c Runtime library for Windows 2000/XP/2003.

-LOGO -Default Logo Bitmaps.

-Symantec -Norton Internet Security 2005.

-Setup.exe -ASUS PC Probe V2.23.06 Install Program for Windows 2000/XP/2003.
-Probe_64bit -ASUS PC Probe V2.64.03 Install Program for Windows 64bit XP/2003.

-ScrnSavr -ASUS Features Screen Saver.

-VEdit -Winbond Voice Editor for Windows 2000/XP/2003.
-64bit -Winbond Voice Editor for Window 64bit XP/2003.

--LinuxDrivers -Support Linux Drivers.

--AWDFLASH.exe -Flash bios tool under DOS.

  Giant68 13:36 14 May 2005

VIARAID -VIA VT6420 (VT8237) SATA RAID Driver Package Version 4.10A.
Paragraph 3 headed Lan, last line.


  BigMoFoT 13:43 14 May 2005

The ASUS boards the driver CD is bootable - boot from that CD and you will get a menu that will give you the option of creating the driver disks for SATA onto a floppy. That way when you press F6 to load your SATA drivers it should work - It did for me..

  s99Raj 13:48 14 May 2005

OK - thanks Giant68, I'll give it a go and see if i can get it going. Of course, that folder VIARAID is too big to fit on a floppy so I'll see if it contains any instructions as to which files I need from it.

  s99Raj 13:55 14 May 2005

Ah - just got the message from BigMoFoT. I tried booting from the driver CD but it doesn't give me any options at all.

  Giant68 14:04 14 May 2005

You won't need the whole folder, inside should be the sata drivers among others for RAID and whatever, but they should be clearly marked as to which is which.


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