Problems with links in PCA

  Bowsprit 09:11 30 Jul 2004

It's taking ages to try and open a thread and when loaded sometimes when you click the back button nothing happens and i have to close the PCA website and start from scratch. Also the blue loading indicator bar stays on as if still loading and the hourglass also stays on.

Open in a New Window won't work either when you right click a thread.

  hillybilly 09:22 30 Jul 2004

Sorry I don't know the answer but I made a post about a week ago saying just the same as you! Infact it can take up to seven miutes for a page to open for me and it is only on this site.

Because of this I only visit here once every couple days now instaed of 2 to 3 times a day!

PS. yes I do have b/band

  Bowsprit 09:31 30 Jul 2004

I've checked on EBuyer and Dabs and have no problems opening and closing links on their sites.Did anyone suggest anything at all for PCA site.

  hillybilly 09:53 30 Jul 2004

Nope I did'nt get a single reply, I rather suprised the forum editor did not chip in.

It only happens on this site, I'm not so sure that it has something to do with the privacy report in I/explorer although mine is just set to the standard settings.

  Bowsprit 10:16 30 Jul 2004

You were right about the privacy report causing it.I tried disabling Privacy Service in McAfee (just bought it) and everything works as normal.Will play about with the various options to find out exactly what was causing problem.You had the answer all the time.Thanks.

  woodchip 10:19 30 Jul 2004

Also firewall and settings and Modem can be the problem

  hillybilly 10:23 30 Jul 2004

I use A netgear dg834g modem router, this has a built in firewall. Like I said, just standard settings, I really cannot understand why it should just be the PCA site that plays up.

  woodchip 10:34 30 Jul 2004

It does us a lot of add servers and if your computer as high security then that will slow thing down check bottom of page when you press on a link to see all the servers. This new desktop on XP connected at the moment on Dial-Up at 50.6 kbps is now slower than my new laptop on this site with XP and connecting at a slower speed. both same AV and Firewall Panda Platinum.

I use Netscape 7, You may be better trying that as it as built in pop-up stopper etc

  woodchip 10:37 30 Jul 2004

PS the server that slows my comp on this site is Adu-doubleclick

  woodchip 10:38 30 Jul 2004


  Bowsprit 11:16 30 Jul 2004

hillybilly/woodchip I have had the same dg834g modem router with the built in firewall for a while now and it's never caused any problems before it was only when I installed McAfee antivirus that this problem and a couple of others started.Some of these utilities are just too efficient.

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