Problems With Limewire

  monkeyboy2k 21:13 13 Feb 2006

Can somebody help me, i've recently had to download the new version of limewire 4.10.5 the only problem is now for the past few days it just keeps asking for me to install it even though its already on my hard drive any ideas wot is wrong.

  007al 21:28 13 Feb 2006

Try uninstalling and re-installing Limewire.Is it still working ok?

  dogbreath1 07:49 14 Feb 2006

Also, consider using Frostwire. It uses the same basic source code as Limewire (and is produced by ex-Limewire developers) but seems leaner and quicker somehow.

click here

  Bobhec 16:32 15 Feb 2006

Anyone encountered problems with Limewire opening up itself. Over the past few days my Limewire keeps starting up on its own.

  Rossi#1 17:28 15 Feb 2006

I was away to download Frostwire but it went onto a page about Mirrors. What are they and which do I choose?

  Skills 17:34 15 Feb 2006

Mirrors are just different download sites of the file you are trying to get you can choose any i choose one closest to my geographical region if thats stated.

  dogbreath1 07:42 16 Feb 2006

Probably a virus. This is one of many threads on the subject:-
click here

Always take precautions:-
click here

  lintony 11:45 11 Apr 2006

I have just started to use the free version of Limewire to see how good it is. My problem is that when I save the downloads to my hard drive and then try to play them with my media player, some of them won't play.

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong.

  Devil Fish 12:02 11 Apr 2006


the reason they won't play is because they are corrupt or invalid files

and some might even have a little present that you don't particulaly want

  Pandaa 12:16 11 Apr 2006

thats well true installed it got virused out and then uninstalled it ,had trojans and allsorts ,also for the media files that dont play after dloaded ,i found that they were mainly AVI files and had to dload a media program which i think is really good for that kind of thing s is VLC google it ,it will come up try that ,failing that get rid of it and try another ,i tryed the sharaza or sumtin like it the other day and as it was uninstalling my AV program picked up 3 packed in trojans come i didnt carry on and got rid of that also ,but beware ,some are good alot are bad ,including lots of unwanted bouncing off firewall !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  007al 18:24 11 Apr 2006

It could be a number of reasons.
You may need the codec for it.
You may need a lisence for it(delete those ones)
They are corrupt (rare).
Best not to download anything that looks like a file,on the left of the screen in the list.They are usually a virus.These have a small picture of a file(white with blue top)
If its a codec needed,then download this click here

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