Problems with lights with my new Webcam

  julius44 06:06 31 Jan 2009

Hello i purchased a webcam, the logitech quickcam version 10.5 a few months ago....i'd never used it until 2 days ago, the webcam sets up fine, BUT it seems to make my living room ceiling light and my standing light come out TOO BRIGHT...they seem to shine like bright stars in the webcam!!!, and even when i adjust the lighting in the settings it does not seems to be okay during the day, BUT once i switch on the lights the problem starts straight away. I deciced to go online and i've seen to particular webcams....which are Microsoft lifecam vx-5000 click here

and also the microsoft webcam vx-6000 click here
They say that the lighting settings for these are really good in poor light. Mt pc is in a corner of the room and there is not that much light near to it. Or if anyone knows of any other nice webcams at a reasonable price of no more then £35. Once again my main gripe with the one i have now is that my living room lights are just showing TOO brightly.....and the settings on my webcam do not seem to be able to solve the problem

  BT 08:09 31 Jan 2009

Are the lights actually in the picture, if so you will always have a problem. Its like any camera in that if the lights are in frame you will get flare across the lens. Try to position the camera so that the lights are not actually in view and it may solve your problem. If the lights are behind you as you seem to be saying the camera will try to get the exposure on your face ok, but because its in shadow will overexpose whatever is behind you i.e, the rest of the room. Try turning down/off the room lights and have a lamp near or behind the monitor so that it illuminates your face.

  oldbeefer2 10:03 31 Jan 2009

Agree with BT - the main source of light needs to be from behind the camera to illuminate your face - I use a table lamp alongside the PC and turn off the ceiling light. All cams will have the same problem.

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