Problems with Learndirect learning screen at home

  Durko 18:19 17 Jul 2005

I have windows xp home installed with xp office.Learndirect require system to support java plug-in either Msjvm5.00.3809 or SUNjre.

Checked my plugin and it's Msjvm 5.00.3810. I thought this would supercede Msjvm 5.00 3809 and replace 3809 but still caln't access my learning. So downloaded latest SUNjre and with flashplayer,shockwave along with authorware installed, thought my pc was all configured for learndirect course. Even turned off popup blocker as suggested by them.

After all the above installing and restarting pc etc, still no joy with opening L'direct learning screen.

Anyone able to offer good advice?

  octal 19:37 17 Jul 2005

The only thing I can think of is JavaSun isn't working, try running this test on their web site click here

  Durko 20:10 17 Jul 2005


Tried what you suggested and:

Tested JVM and the animation works informing me the latest version is installed on my system.


  octal 20:38 17 Jul 2005

OK, I went to this site click here to look at the requirements, they also mention Macromedia Shockwave Player and Flash Player are these working as well? You can test them here click here

A friend of mine is doing her ECDL via them and when I was setting her computer up it did use JavaSun, I think from memory, anyway she had cause to speak to them about another matter and found them very helpful, so it might be worth a call.

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